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Chapter 07: Schimrian

Chapter 07 of the City of Gargoyles: the second book of the Light-Father trilogy. A door opens to admit the ...


It seems someone has plucked all the flowers from my garden. Yesterday, before going to sleep I left the garden ...
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A Matter of Luck

Luck can come in many forms, be careful not to abuse it ...

Chapter 06: Duct Rats

The young Children of Exodus begin their weeks of hiding in the Great Abbey as Surl's prescience grows - from ...

The New Year’s Eve

A story for all the supposed modern girls out there. Disha checked the time on her mobile. 11:30 PM. She rolled ...


Intro: this is a short story aiming to create a circular story ...

Chapter 05: By Candlelight

Chapter 05 of the City of Gargoyles: Second Book of the Light-Father Trilogy. Chapter 05: By Candlelight       “Saint ...

A Matter of Perception

 Simply because of his diet, granddad was an outcast, a recluse,  There were few mourners at granddad’s funeral. Not because he didn’t ...

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My love keeps hanging over me like a dark angel impregnated in my mind to stay there just to torture ...
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Everlasting spring

Often I find you in the forest of my mind. Here the everlasting spring ignores the outside winds of summer, ...
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poem ...
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Small view of a silent woman

A poem that sprung, god-like, completely formed from its author's head. They want her to say something, anything. They think ...
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Musical observation

When sorrows cloud your eyes and you can’t see beyond darkness, there is something still to feel if even all ...
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Goodbye Cruel World

My sister is a nurse who cares for dementia patients. I was inspired to write this after listening to her ...
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The Bench

The Bench He was sitting on his bench overlooking the harbour, well…not his really, but it had the best view ...
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The Long Trek ( Part three}

At last ,in spite of our apprehension, there was a glimmer of  hope. Now for the grim reality of treatment ...
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A Girl Who Gets Around

We have a new member (Francescarights) who like me writes song lyrics. I'll show you mine if you'll show me ...
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A Wolf In Sheeps Clothing

Inspired to write this after watching a programme on serial killers on the T.V. All of them appeared "normal" but ...
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The long Trek, (Part two)

After the initial diagnosis following the endoscopy I was sent back to my GP with a letter. The following morning ...
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I’m Not Bitter

I wrote this after a break up with a girlfriend some years ago. Reading it again makes me realise how ...
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The long trek.(Part one)

I was prompted in some way by Mike Verdl's cancer diary to write about my long journey about a different ...
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Dark Clouds Return

Cancer Diaries - The Last Entry Dark clouds return, stealing the sun from my sky, bringing with them the winter ...
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Stranded In Crewe

That hot spell wasn't here long but it was a scorcher. Not a sun lover myself but many people are ...
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A Whole New World

More of my early travels (for those who are interested) ...
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The Genesis of Universal Madness

When primitive Man left the way, the light, and the truth, and invented religion to help mitigate the fear of ...
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The Illusion Of Preserving Time

or the cuckoos have landed! A tongue-in-cheek report on my mental state ...
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The Terrorist

From Two Years Ago...nothings changed ...
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Professor Plum’s Humble Advice

as a behavioural scientist, not as a politician. I just wanted this writing out there again.   All schools should ...
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For Chloe

A Bookend to Millie ...
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Cold Chicken Sandwiches

Walking along the cliffs it all came back ...
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Manchester Is United

They went to a concert unaware what lay ahead, and at the end of the night twenty one innocents are ...
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The terrible case of Laila Roth

My own documentary She never showed her face, insisting on her anonymity and privacy to better cultivate her concentration on ...
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Bullshit and Brains

Based on a true happening. During my Army days I had many friends in low places. Bombardier 'Greasy' Grice was but ...
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The Latest from my Cancer Journal

Why is the truth so much harder to believe than fiction and lies, or bad news than good ...
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There but for….

There's more than one kind of illness ...
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AMOS.MAPC.(OXON).A cat’s ta(i)le

I wrote this story some years ago.I recently used it as a memory aid for my dear late wife by ...
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I stood where Hitler stood.

This was indeed a disturbing place. (with pictures and music...) Originally published on October 22, 2004 in Non-Fiction ...
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