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Socio (second half)

Shannon is a very average woman who doesn’t have much money. Dr. Angelica Warren is a wealthy specialist with a ...


  ‘thirteen…fourteen..fifteen…eighteen.’ I counted my steps wrong again as I climbed to the second floor of Moonlight clinic. I’ve always ...

Socio (first half)

Shannon is a very average woman who doesn’t have much money. Dr. Angelica Warren is a wealthy specialist with a ...

Chapter 09: Shadows In Sewers

From the City of Gargoyles, the second book of the Light-Father trilogy. Trapped in the Great Abbey, the youngest of ...

Letters to myself

How do you talk to someone who isn't there? Write them a letter of course. But what do you do ...

Famed Monster

A satirical look at gothic sub-culture, a murder mystery, and the 'The King and I. Who in their right mind ...

Wish Me Happy Birthday

Wish her happy birthday... Today I have turned one. I still remember the day I was born. I opened my ...

Campus Games (final chapters 10-13)

Ashley and Katelyn meet when they find they are to share the same house on the campus of the college ...

Fire Insurance

She was a quiet stay at home mom, he was an aggressive gambler who threatened her future. What could she do ...

Poetry [ more >> ]

Something Beautiful

free form - first draft ...
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Horse Nectar

I chuck my feelings here and there like nectar snuck into a trough where horses come to pluck a pear ...
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A Poet’s thoughts in the winter of life.

Written on a lonesome evening ...
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Lover I was looking at the white flower swinging in your hair like the silver star floating in the night ...
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The Reincarnation of Byron

The grit of the city alighting in eyeballs, confounding the warden, the basher of Bibles, the sergeant who mounts like ...
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your hand

thanks for giving me your hand nothing can touch me now ...
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Fate Waits

We stare at the face of fate. Fates mind thinks.  Fate stares back. We face our fate as fate waits ...
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/ Non-Fiction / 14 words / /

If you could fill a box with dreams.

How often do we say if? ...
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/ Non-Fiction / 118 words / /

You talk fondly.

You are out there, you are real. you have feelings, you must be heard ...
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/ Non-Fiction / 130 words / /

In at Sunset

My memoirs of being a Lighthousekeeper ...
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The Master of Disguise

So many expressed their thoughts in text! ...
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/ Non-Fiction / 72 words / /


History, can it help our future? Green is worn Faces prop a smile. Eyes hide a story or two. Minds ...
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Não Quero Comer Senhor

Memories  ...
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/ Non-Fiction / 112 words / /

Mighty Military Magic

When you're a skinny wimp in an Army unit of macho males, brains count more than brawn ...
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The last cold winter in France

Some subconsciously encourage! ...
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/ Non-Fiction / 71 words / /

Vishal Morjaria – A Guide You Can Rely Upon

If you have ever been in touch with Vishal Morjaria, you know it very well that he is someone that ...
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Zen on Zen

She was about to dive deep into a notorious wreck with a husband she was not fully sure of. Amanda ...
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Heads you lose, tails you lose.

Life and love, are there any winners in these games ...
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/ Non-Fiction / 107 words / /

Love You Forever

‘How long will I love you like this?’ One day. Two days. Few months. Few years. For whole life or ...
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Have No Anger

Another deep and dark one comes to be! Have no anger.have no fear. I am not the first and will ...
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/ Non-Fiction / 85 words / /

Life So Often Decides Our Fate!

The life that I live appears so short such as a winter’s day. That brief window of joy I bequeath ...
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/ Non-Fiction / 104 words / /

23 Almond Street

The recent snow here in the UK prompted some far distant memories ...
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If only you would look within!

How many of us live our lives controlled by others? ...
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/ Non-Fiction / 88 words / /

Happily Turned Away

Why do we reflect in the dead of night, so often with morbid thought? ...
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/ Non-Fiction / 86 words / /

Ruthless Bastards

Old Benson lived alone next to a predator ...
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He Inspired ( Mr Ikea RIP)

I like many dyslexics have used his energy to achieve ...
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/ Non-Fiction / 128 words / /


One of those bad news days, It happens to so many, we all live in hope! ...
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/ Non-Fiction / 260 words / /

The holocaust of Britain

Shashi Tharoor in conversation with Anita Anand, BBC on his book An Era of Darkness. Enjoy listening by clicking here ...
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