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Fiction [ more >> ]

The Other Side – Chapter 3 – Water Works

It's Izzy's first day at her father's house and she is mesmerised by the garden statue. All goes well until ...

The new orphanage

‘Tell me why you feel this way.’ ‘I wish I could tell you. They are so caring. I have two ...

The Other Side – Chapter 2 – Greetings!

Izzy goes to stay with her Dad and her step-family that she doesn't like, her step-mum Siobhan and especially her ...

Life skills

"What? Are you crazy? I will never allow my wife to work. Women should be best kept at home." Everybody ...

The Other Side – Chapter 1 – Whispers (REWRITE)

When two worlds collide...ours and the supernatural. It's a start of a Y.A. Novel that has been W.I.P for a ...

No reservations

Kalyan is a daydreamer. But he also has these nightmares every single night: he cannot get on the train that’s ...

Poetry [ more >> ]

Diamond love

The mystery of our love is like a secret garden, always there and thriving but in secret, hidden from all ...
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The Piano is still there

Who silenced you, old music treasure, spreader of such warmth and mirth? Who put an end to living music to ...
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A Concrete Pond

A concrete pond in a torrid city drowning in rage. Harsh and pitiless. The skirl of sirens defiled our ears ...
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Came with the House

you'll just have to imagine ...
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Smack Your Bloke Up

If I growled, “You are asking for a wallop, for me to thrash your face into a pulp, now shut ...
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Lost in a Durham Landscape

Lost in a Durham Landscape   I kicked my heels in the living room while Aoife was in the kitchen ...
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Non-Fiction [ more >> ]

Fear written on his ageing face

My father stopped in haste Fear for a moment on his face. The man ran across the line He banged ...
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/ Non-Fiction / 161 words / /

Life is so fickle,

Life is so fickle, You can breath and perish as quick. Life fleets by in a blink. We must savor ...
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/ Non-Fiction / 27 words / /

If at first you don’t succeed

She sat there in her finest bonnet I was transfixed by her beauty Dressed like a widow I thought... I ...
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/ Non-Fiction / 86 words / /

Never again to chide

The road ahead is narrow, The fastest way to uncertainty. Directionless we press ahead. It twists , it whines like ...
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/ Non-Fiction / 62 words / /

My first school in uniform.

Ink well and quill charged. Chin up back straight. Don't slouch came the Load monotone voice. She there with her ...
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/ Non-Fiction / 75 words / /

Avec un éclat son parti

It was in the year of 2014. Around one of my registration days. We would sit upon the sofa, A ...
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/ Non-Fiction / 103 words / /

Sleeping Giants

Walking in the rain Brief dreams of what might have been. Nothing hurried for now. The ocean is quite for ...
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/ Non-Fiction / 184 words / /

Linha De Beliza

So pretty dressed in blue. Your age, your stature. You stand proud, determined, Statue like, far from a quiet  figurine ...
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/ Non-Fiction / 82 words / /

When in Rome

I wanted to run to the heights. Guards at the very base, Abound my mind with images. Prophets stand in ...
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Pesky flies

They arrive abundant Swath upon swath Arrive with the aim to spoil  The seasonal marauders Dive bombing,  Consuming all they ...
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Halcyon days

Arriving with thought Tabula rasa... Through a child's eyes. We had so much filling our fresh minds Sponge like, ready ...
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Miss, call me miss!

Uniform pressed and shoes shone. Marched to school in military fashion. Nervous as hell as the bell tolled... Ink well ...
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I raise a chalice

The bravest of hearts deserve applause. I raise a chalice in your honor. You kept faith within. Battles won but ...
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/ Non-Fiction / 64 words / /

Grâce et faveur

We are placed upon this earth to prosper, We must in order to survive! Our years to reap and sow ...
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/ Non-Fiction / 105 words / /

Sunrise and Fall

The  sound grows, Tweeting a cry of joy, Birds herald the new dawn! The Sun starts to glow, Rising high ...
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/ Non-Fiction / 67 words / /

How I missed their embrace.

I would arrive knock and enter, Mother would be knitting or baking, Barely a glance up to me. A groan ...
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/ Non-Fiction / 74 words / /

Voile sur par…

On the edge of the Equator. Almost equating to me... Standing, kneeling North and South, East and West, I pray ...
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/ Non-Fiction / 147 words / /

Discipline from the seventies

You said you wanted to talk Not now,when I 'm good and ready. I  knew my father of old, He ...
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/ Non-Fiction / 117 words / /