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The Other Side – Chapter 1 – Whispers (REWRITE)

When two worlds collide...ours and the supernatural. It's a start of a Y.A. Novel that has been W.I.P for a ...

No reservations

Kalyan is a daydreamer. But he also has these nightmares every single night: he cannot get on the train that’s ...


On school counselor’s advice, Priya was expelled. She was 14 and had a physical relationship with her neighbor-uncle, a 50 ...

The Collector

who's collecting what? ...
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Love is the Shape of a Pear

I was in a pub and I met a man with Celtic symbols tattooed on his arms. He told me ...


“Where have I been? Where am I? Fair daylight? I am mightily abused. I should e'en die with pity, To ...

Poetry [ more >> ]

Seen in Morocco 1974

Seen in Morocco 1974   A run-down village of adobe walls painted shabby shades of rose-red pink  stands forlorn on ...
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Geoffrey Chaucer, though dead as a saucer, towers in April showers. From “Disoccidented” by Alfie Shoyger: ...
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The poetical over-sensitivity

Moody poets are most volatile and unpredictable, they are complained of for their lack of continuity, that you can never ...
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Ghosts of the battlefield

 Wandering ghosts hide whispering in the mist, Forgotten voices echoing across barren fields, Here only one thing seems to grow,  ...
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The party is over

No, not quite as yet, there might be shortcomings and hangovers, there might be some abruptions, something wrong that wrecks ...
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A Place Rarely Visited

This is a memory of a  place rarely visited. A recently trusted wilderness, where I wandered without worry, when the ...
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Non-Fiction [ more >> ]

The tones of African light.

The tones of African lightThat split day from night. The vibrant hues spew In an instant, Glowing, almost volcanic, Glorious ...
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/ Non-Fiction / 47 words / /

The Journey Is Long

Instead of poetry, some prose Daily bread. A simple concept, but not a reality for far too many humans on ...
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/ Journal, Journal Entry / 550 words / /

I sit, I sup, I ponder.

A cafe to rest my weary torso, Weakened from the daily woes, Toils brewed and eased. Coffee eases the strain ...
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/ Non-Fiction / 88 words / /

She loves me?

She loves me she loves me not? Daisy’s, plucked gently from the ground,  Pulling petals, one by one…  Their beauty ...
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/ Non-Fiction / 132 words / /

Let the pen swing.

O pen of pens,Like the might of a sword, You convey the written word. Muted not a sound, Ink splashed,perfect, ...
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/ Non-Fiction / 52 words / /

Leave your dreams for yesterday.

I was that fool,I broke my own rule. Sucked under your wing, you made an impression. In the dark you ...
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/ Non-Fiction / 75 words / /

How deep is your love.

Intro: up to 50 words (delete this text and enter your own) ...
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/ Non-Fiction / 83 words / /

Ticking Of The Clock

Bet all poets can relate to this ? ...
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I read a poem. Bewailed was heard! I wondered what, I wondered why, No wonder, its a tag, it's me ...
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/ Non-Fiction / 10 words / /

Spinning out of control.

Our planet once consistent.Far from sync with our World. Summer today,winter tomorrow! The earth constantly shakes and quakes. The wind ...
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/ Non-Fiction / 86 words / /

Kavanagh made me think of you!

I hate to say it but I rarely have thoughts of you... I regretted your end as so much was ...
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/ Non-Fiction / 89 words / /

About victims and victors

On Organisational behavior About victims and victors  This article tries to write the stories of many skilled workforce who died ...
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Gnome Alone

I lived at the end of a garden, In a home that was just okay. Staring all so often at ...
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/ Non-Fiction / 127 words / /

Someone has to ring the bell

"I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend to death your right to say it." Voltaire ...
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Not a thought

I wander to the lake and gaze. Emitting not a word, no cry, no joy. Alone in self and thought, ...
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/ Non-Fiction / 18 words / /

Lost love

Why do we realise love When love is lost. In our thoughts, we wonder we doubt. In our hearts it's ...
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/ Non-Fiction / 15 words / /

Time over time!

Time only measures the past,In equal parts of good, bad or different. We watch our children grow, Time spares not ...
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/ Non-Fiction / 74 words / /