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We are sad to report that UKAuthors regular Weefatfella (Paul Hawthorne) sadly passed away last week.

In an email, his daughter says:

He so loved your site and uploading his lovely wee short stories there. I have taken great comfort in reading them over the last week and will continue to do so…

A huge thank you to everyone on your site who showed their support for his writing which he so loved.

We send our sympathy and thoughts to Paul’s family & friends at this sad time.

Here is Paul’s UKArchive


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At the moment, due to a bug in the UKA ‘publishing to schedule’ system, any submissions you post will be INSTANTLY published.  


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Diabetes Awareness

short story for diabetes awareness ...

End of Life

He's dying but he's not going alone. End of Life Ian pulled hard on the cigarette, enjoying the crackle as ...

The new tomorrow

Chapter I                     Eira I have suddenly awoken, breathing heavily. My chest was rising back and forth wildly. I felt a painful sting with ...

The Gods of the Odds

The serial killer was undetected and unsuspected because he always carefully kept the odds on his side ...

It just dawned on me – I’m a person

Mann muss immer immer immer immer immer immer veruckt sein ...

Poetry [ more >> ]

Nothing left to chance

Inspired by a news story ...
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I slept with a girl (revised version)

She was naked, slender, elegant. Standing before a mirror brushing her curly natural raven-black hair. She giggled across the bedroom ...
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Intro: up to 50 words (delete this text and enter your own) ...
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The Boot’s in the Other Groin

“Slap me and I’ll boot you in the minge,” I warned, and watched the moral know-it-alls all spit at me ...
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Girl from Nibiru

I had no idea you were a giant lizard who fell to earth in a fiery ship, I just thought ...
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A Jungle Excuse

2005 - 2019, a funny one ...
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Non-Fiction [ more >> ]

My Angel

My Angel, my beautiful Angel, Rest upon my shoulders, Our night is nearly done. The pale night dew lays With ...
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/ Non-Fiction / 64 words / /

Amigos e inimigos

“Should we truly forget those who have spurned us for another’s ear Or think and consider them in this the ...
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/ Non-Fiction / 77 words / /

Rags or Riches

The people who have nothing Probably have everything.  And the people, with everything, Probably have nothing.  Being kind to others ...
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/ Non-Fiction / 148 words / /

That rose is you…

Roses. How beautiful does a rose look?  Its colours are precise and rare.  Its sweet smell is like nothing else.  ...
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/ Non-Fiction / 84 words / /

Under the starlit sky 

We rekindle memories of times gone by.  Let this be the awakening, To a brighter future for us all.  We ...
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/ Non-Fiction / 201 words / /

Você ilumina nosso mundo…

Walking in the rain Rushing to make our train. Alone  among-st the grey, Occasional puffs of white  Spring up along ...
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/ Non-Fiction / 91 words / /

Speedo! Above all a family man.

So talented, so young, Your work had just begun. Records highlight a great career. A role model in so many ...
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/ Non-Fiction / 100 words / /

The colours suck the life from you

It's a standard that I fail to figure. Something borrowed and one is blue. Falsely flies above our heads. Often lowered! ...
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/ Non-Fiction / 60 words / /

No end in sight…

Look to the sea. Breathe the fresh air... Open your mind. Set yourself free ...
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The sum of the parts

The trees appear scarce So high,piercing the sky, Barren within Dramatic beauty Of the mountain sides…  Its wide open and free, Leaves these ...
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She loves me

She loves me she loves me not? Daisy’s, plucked gently from the ground, Pulling petals, one by one… Their beauty ...
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Minha vida revelados.

With post-haste,  whisk me away, Away from this God forsaken place? As in life say nothing nice, Just plain old ...
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/ Non-Fiction / 122 words / /

Sorrisos radiam de uma face maravilhosa.

You were the beauty tonight Such style and panache. Radiance and humor, so rare I loved being there, so relaxed ...
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/ Non-Fiction / 84 words / /

Such skill…

The blind man amazes me! See his patience,Tapping here tapping there, He finds his take a seat  Without a murmur without ...
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/ Non-Fiction / 141 words / /

O Tell

There is a thief among-st us. You were called to a silent account. The head of heads likened you. To ...
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/ Non-Fiction / 93 words / /

Piles of trouble

A jovial quip at a barbecue leaves a sufferer feeling blue ...
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Never the twain

Never the twain. Nothing remains. Shifting sands. Passing clouds. Night and day. Constant movement. Busy lives, Never look back. Forsaking ...
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/ Non-Fiction / 26 words / /

Fear written on his ageing face

My father stopped in haste Fear for a moment on his face. The man ran across the line He banged ...
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/ Non-Fiction / 161 words / /