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Omma Velada Gold Dust interview with UKA Press author Kevin Brownlow

Omma Velada interviews the film historian about his work and his passion for the silent movie era Read the original ...
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Socio (second half)

Shannon is a very average woman who doesn’t have much money. Dr. Angelica Warren is a wealthy specialist with a ...


  ‘thirteen…fourteen..fifteen…eighteen.’ I counted my steps wrong again as I climbed to the second floor of Moonlight clinic. I’ve always ...

Socio (first half)

Shannon is a very average woman who doesn’t have much money. Dr. Angelica Warren is a wealthy specialist with a ...

Chapter 09: Shadows In Sewers

From the City of Gargoyles, the second book of the Light-Father trilogy. Trapped in the Great Abbey, the youngest of ...

Letters to myself

How do you talk to someone who isn't there? Write them a letter of course. But what do you do ...

Famed Monster

A satirical look at gothic sub-culture, a murder mystery, and the 'The King and I. Who in their right mind ...

Wish Me Happy Birthday

Wish her happy birthday... Today I have turned one. I still remember the day I was born. I opened my ...

Campus Games (final chapters 10-13)

Ashley and Katelyn meet when they find they are to share the same house on the campus of the college ...

Fire Insurance

She was a quiet stay at home mom, he was an aggressive gambler who threatened her future. What could she do ...

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some micro poems

horizon teaches me what lies before my eyes may not be what I see ... we're great learners as though ...
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I loved You a Little Too Much

You were the woman that crumbled. A falling clay cliff, short term, assured, tenancy, for no more than eighteen months ...
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Ode an den Dönerkebab / Ode to the Doner Kebab

Ode an den Dönerkebab Döner, schönes Götterfleisch und Tochter aus dem Schwarzen Meer, Lamm von Gott, dein fettes Reich erweitert ...

The Morning I Woke Up Having Forgotten…

The Morning I Woke Up Having Forgotten I was German I woke up at eleven feeling conquered by French absinthe ...


Vague! The world is vague. Made of plastic or glass; Pieces pierce. We’re perpetually in the blue hanging like clouds ...
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Love You Forever

‘How long will I love you like this?’ One day. Two days. Few months. Few years. For whole life or ...
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Have No Anger

Another deep and dark one comes to be! Have no anger.have no fear. I am not the first and will ...
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Life So Often Decides Our Fate!

The life that I live appears so short such as a winter’s day. That brief window of joy I bequeath ...
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23 Almond Street

The recent snow here in the UK prompted some far distant memories ...
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If only you would look within!

How many of us live our lives controlled by others? ...
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Happily Turned Away

Why do we reflect in the dead of night, so often with morbid thought? ...
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Ruthless Bastards

Old Benson lived alone next to a predator ...
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He Inspired ( Mr Ikea RIP)

I like many dyslexics have used his energy to achieve ...
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One of those bad news days, It happens to so many, we all live in hope! ...
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The holocaust of Britain

Shashi Tharoor in conversation with Anita Anand, BBC on his book An Era of Darkness. Enjoy listening by clicking here ...
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The Nine Rules of Original Free Verse Poetry

(delete this text and enter your own, as always) ...
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European New Year Greetings.

Some years ago I submitted Christmas wishes in various languages.I thought I would do the same for the New Year ...
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No Buses Today

Winter finally arrived in the UK this week, and we had lots of the white stuff. Which inspired me to ...
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The arial is missing

A brief introduction into getting the most out of eBay ...
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Herpes, I fink it is.

A true (more or less) story of espionage and Kango hammers ...
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