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The Web (chapter 3)

The story continues. We get more insight in to the dreams and 'visions'. CHAPTER 3 OXFORD     He could ...

THE WEB (Chapter 2)

Another chunk of John Malcolm's story where his dreams and hallucinations become more defined ...

The trap

'Summing up all what I had been trying to establish for the past ninety minutes is this. That it is ...


As usual, Palash occupied the same table of the restaurant he would frequent with friends many years ago. Today, by ...

The Web

The prologue of a part built novel about a group of disparate people who have quite unusual mental abilities ...

The Web (Chapter 1)

First chapter of The Web. I actually started writing it years ago but I haven't brought it too much up ...

The Soldier

....The hardest part of letting go is the uncertainty ...

The Negotiator  Read the first and second chapter for FREE ...

Poetry [ more >> ]

Something Beautiful

free form - first draft ...
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Horse Nectar

I chuck my feelings here and there like nectar snuck into a trough where horses come to pluck a pear ...
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A Poet’s thoughts in the winter of life.

Written on a lonesome evening ...
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Lover I was looking at the white flower swinging in your hair like the silver star floating in the night ...
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your hand

thanks for giving me your hand nothing can touch me now ...
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The Reincarnation of Byron

The grit of the city alighting in eyeballs, confounding the warden, the basher of Bibles, the sergeant who mounts like ...
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Non-Fiction [ more >> ]

Perfection appears in dreams

Persecution  is fools gold, A prize never sought, It has its place in history, not now! The slick tongue should ...
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Why limbo,why me?

Caught between two worlds. A dreamer of dreams. Collapsed, often in thought. Drowning in a sea of quandaries ...
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Fear not my mirror.

Fear not my mirror! Look into my eyes Look into my mind Look into my heart. Can you see my guise ...
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Persecution  is fools gold, A prize never sought, It has its place in history The slick tongue should never quake! ...
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Life sweeps like the wind.

If only we could live like the day. Sun reflecting our inner thoughts and way. Abundant with its grace, Where ...
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7 Ways to Overcome Writer’s Block

Finally, you have some free time to write! You sit down, put your hands on the keyboard anndddd … nothing ...
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The sweetness fades as evening sets

We walk on carpets of green,Wandering through this splendor, Amongst the morning dew. Moments shared as we look to the ...
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Trevelyan stole your land…

You had no choice but to steal. But how can you steal your own? The ship was Trevelyan's, For you ...
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He found himself in others,  In others he planted himself. A man of mystery, a man of talent. When the tongue ...
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/ Non-Fiction / 113 words / /

Fate Waits

We stare at the face of fate. Fates mind thinks.  Fate stares back. We face our fate as fate waits ...
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/ Non-Fiction / 14 words / /

If you could fill a box with dreams.

How often do we say if? ...
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/ Non-Fiction / 118 words / /

You talk fondly.

You are out there, you are real. you have feelings, you must be heard ...
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/ Non-Fiction / 130 words / /

In at Sunset

My memoirs of being a Lighthousekeeper ...
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The Master of Disguise

So many expressed their thoughts in text! ...
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History, can it help our future? Green is worn Faces prop a smile. Eyes hide a story or two. Minds ...
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