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UKA Interview with Lee Child.

LEE CHILD Q: When did you first decide to write? A: In terms of a definite date, it was the ...
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An Oscar for UKAPress Author Kevin Brownlow.

Huge congratulations go to renowned UKA Press author and film documentarian Kevin Brownlow (The Search for Charlie Chaplin, Winstanley, Warts ...
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Voices from the Web Anthology 2016

UKAuthors Latest anthology is still available! (and keep an eye out for UKA's 2017/18 Anthology). These stories and poems have been ...
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UKA Interview Val McDermid

BIO I grew up in Kirkcaldy on the East Coast of Scotland, a small town famous for producing linoleum and ...
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As usual, Palash occupied the same table of the restaurant he would frequent with friends many years ago. Today, by ...

The Web

The prologue of a part built novel about a group of disparate people who have quite unusual mental abilities ...

The Web (Chapter 1)

First chapter of The Web. I actually started writing it years ago but I haven't brought it too much up ...

The Soldier

....The hardest part of letting go is the uncertainty ...

The Negotiator  Read the first and second chapter for FREE ...

Socio (second half)

Shannon is a very average woman who doesn’t have much money. Dr. Angelica Warren is a wealthy specialist with a ...


  ‘thirteen…fourteen..fifteen…eighteen.’ I counted my steps wrong again as I climbed to the second floor of Moonlight clinic. I’ve always ...

Socio (first half)

Shannon is a very average woman who doesn’t have much money. Dr. Angelica Warren is a wealthy specialist with a ...

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age rating: 15 ...
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Getting on

Recovering from hardy nights of exercise, you wonder naturally how it all will end, in some kind of disaster, as ...
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Poverty and Pride

Growing up in the 1940's was a whole different experience compared to today. It used to be the way it ...
/ / 3 Comments on Poverty and Pride / 288 words / NEW! /

A Limerick.

none ...
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Last Year in Jerusalem

Intro: up to 50 words (delete this text and enter your own) ...
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Relative departure

Where is our love of ancient days, when all was rosy red and everything was more than beautiful, as we ...
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Life So Often Decides Our Fate!

The life that I live appears so short such as a winter’s day. That brief window of joy I bequeath ...
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23 Almond Street

The recent snow here in the UK prompted some far distant memories ...
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If only you would look within!

How many of us live our lives controlled by others? ...
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/ Non-Fiction / 88 words / /

Happily Turned Away

Why do we reflect in the dead of night, so often with morbid thought? ...
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Ruthless Bastards

Old Benson lived alone next to a predator ...
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He Inspired ( Mr Ikea RIP)

I like many dyslexics have used his energy to achieve ...
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One of those bad news days, It happens to so many, we all live in hope! ...
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