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UKA Interview Val McDermid

BIO I grew up in Kirkcaldy on the East Coast of Scotland, a small town famous for producing linoleum and ...
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Omma Velada Gold Dust interview with UKA Press author Kevin Brownlow

Omma Velada interviews the film historian about his work and his passion for the silent movie era Read the original ...
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Sailors... you canˋt beat them ...

The Taste Of Apples

The old house is different now ...

Christmas With A Stranger

It is Christmas, 1933, and Lucy embarks on a holiday with friends to Scotland, only to find herself having to ...

The Web Chapter 6

  More of John Malcolm's increasingly odd life ...

The Web Chapter 7

Intro: Poor John has an experience he can do without ...

The Web (chapter 4)

John feels better but his journey into the woods has only just started ...

Korviaaslax – Chapter Twelve

Korviaaslax Chapter Twelve - Xes Emari *            *            *    ...
/ fantasy, Fiction, science fiction / 4009 words / /

The Web (Chapter 5)

An interlude of normality if basket cases writers can ever be said to experience that ...

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Lady leaders

O men! You have been ruling the world for long, ruining it more; throughout history, you showed your strength used ...
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My companion

When you weren’t there my world was arid the rains and the clouds were buried under the sky but now, ...
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Lost companion

Lost companion When you are alone, yet have a whole crowd to praise your crown, your throne when your garden ...
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In the crater of an August moon

High tides and holidays ...
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My brothers

To two of my best friends, who happen to have been born on the same day the same year. My ...
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An ancient love dream

Why do you fade so early, lovely ladies,who give out your love too early, wasting it on wrong unworthies never ...
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Perfection appears in dreams

Persecution  is fools gold, A prize never sought, It has its place in history, not now! The slick tongue should ...
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/ Non-Fiction / 48 words / /

Why limbo,why me?

Caught between two worlds. A dreamer of dreams. Collapsed, often in thought. Drowning in a sea of quandaries ...
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/ Non-Fiction / 9 words / /

Fear not my mirror.

Fear not my mirror! Look into my eyes Look into my mind Look into my heart. Can you see my guise ...
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/ Non-Fiction / 45 words / /


Persecution  is fools gold, A prize never sought, It has its place in history The slick tongue should never quake! ...
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/ Non-Fiction / 46 words / /

Life sweeps like the wind.

If only we could live like the day. Sun reflecting our inner thoughts and way. Abundant with its grace, Where ...
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/ Non-Fiction / 17 words / /

The sweetness fades as evening sets

We walk on carpets of green,Wandering through this splendor, Amongst the morning dew. Moments shared as we look to the ...
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/ Non-Fiction / 50 words / /

Trevelyan stole your land…

You had no choice but to steal. But how can you steal your own? The ship was Trevelyan's, For you ...
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/ Non-Fiction / 55 words / /


He found himself in others,  In others he planted himself. A man of mystery, a man of talent. When the tongue ...
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/ Non-Fiction / 113 words / /