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According to my archive, I submitted this in 2004. It seemed to be well liked then. Haven't done a lot ...

The Web. Chapter 11

Sugar and water and Ju-ju men. (The last submission of this for a while.) ...

The Pastures of Jordan

The Pastures of Jordan There was a distinct feeling of neglect about the old farm house.  Cracked white weatherboards with ...

Mysterious Ways

A light-hearted tale of old Ireland ...

The Web. Chapter 8

John is forced to face the fact that there is more going on in his life than he can handle ...

Poetry [ more >> ]

A Notion

A notion of progress, An arc that motions upward, Sends the best into another orbit, Concentric rings that elevate. Ongoing ...
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The Amalgamation of Alice

Read Alice and Looking Glass a few years ago. Such fun!   ...
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Cool Waters Running

. Secreted in open air, moisture may be corporally present. A sighting, growing  flowers in a corner, being very still ...
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Nothing but a soppy song

finished ...
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To Crossed Fingers

a repost, response poem to Littleditty ...
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Silence is as Painless as Suicide is Golden

It hurts and pains deep inside through the early morning fog to see visions of someone to be, when someone ...

Non-Fiction [ more >> ]

Karma, the Tree Dweller

Sometimes you suffer for no fault of your own. Sometimes it's worth it ...
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My nursing experiences continued………

Intro: up to 50 words (delete this text and enter your own) ...
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A Year Called Obsolesence

Sometime between, returning from France and travelling by plane to America came the effervescence. Remembering  a shared house, single storey, ...
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Rome was not built…

Rome wasn't built in a day. It had to be worked From the imagination. We see beauty  In a myriad ...
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Can we share a dream?

Can we share a dream? I close my tired eyes,It leaves my thoughts Chasing through the night. So often I ...
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Michael Angelo

I compare such beauties to your vibrant works.  We all recall the Sistine chapel, There was so much more to ...
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