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Diabetes Awareness

short story for diabetes awareness ...

End of Life

He's dying but he's not going alone. End of Life Ian pulled hard on the cigarette, enjoying the crackle as ...

The new tomorrow

Chapter I                     Eira I have suddenly awoken, breathing heavily. My chest was rising back and forth wildly. I felt a painful sting with ...

The Gods of the Odds

The serial killer was undetected and unsuspected because he always carefully kept the odds on his side ...

It just dawned on me – I’m a person

Mann muss immer immer immer immer immer immer veruckt sein ...

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To Life!

To Life!   I spoke to Sol today, he wore a vacant grin, a battered fedora a threadbare three-piece suit ...
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Rural Dreams

Six a.m. A pub in the countryside of my mind. More like a sitting-room. Metre-long bar, one pump. “I’ll have ...
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Humble wish

The tongue is in between The heart and the brain Let my speech draw The strength and balance from both, ...
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In words

I speak with words Yet the sense Precipitates in a land Beyond their world. I've never chosen Green for grief,  ...
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Making a move

When all the scientists Engage their ignited minds To develop a technology That channels to feed The thin mouths With ...
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She loves me

She loves me she loves me not? Daisy’s, plucked gently from the ground, Pulling petals, one by one… Their beauty ...
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Minha vida revelados.

With post-haste,  whisk me away, Away from this God forsaken place? As in life say nothing nice, Just plain old ...
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Sorrisos radiam de uma face maravilhosa.

You were the beauty tonight Such style and panache. Radiance and humor, so rare I loved being there, so relaxed ...
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Such skill…

The blind man amazes me! See his patience,Tapping here tapping there, He finds his take a seat  Without a murmur without ...
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O Tell

There is a thief among-st us. You were called to a silent account. The head of heads likened you. To ...
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Piles of trouble

A jovial quip at a barbecue leaves a sufferer feeling blue ...
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