Or Else

free verse autobiographical poetry, dedicated to my father who died 5 years ago.


“There’s a girl, a brunette,
about your age…”
Dad started explaining.
“Tell me more,” I said,
and he continued,
voice hoarse due to illness,
“she opens the door,
the back of this chair,
is a door.” Looking
at me in disbelief I can get it,
that anyone could,
I said, “I know you saw
a girl coming from that chair,
what did she communicate?”
“Nasty things are going
to happen in the world,
soon, very soon..”
He fell asleep, with
the brand new halo
over his head, which
must have been crowned with,
must have, or else…


Athens, 2021

© ifyouplease 2022
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I find it most interesting to read these words of yours. I think it shows your great open-mindedness that you were able, without question, to fully communicate with your father about an event that many people would simply have brushed aside as hallucination or fantasy. What I confess to not myself being able to comprehend is what it was that crowned his head, or might not?
In keeping with your inimitable style, the mystique remains in this charming piece of poetry.


Nic, yes, that’s very understandable now – knowing the circumstances. I think at the final stages of cancer life – in those moments between time and timelessness – the mind/spirit/soul/self is sometimes shown a peek behind the veil, and what is seen (or interpreted by the brain) may seem like halucination. Imagine: In another Universe, in the space his chair was taking up, exists a door…. Makes you wonder doesn’t it.

Blessings, Allen x


I’m coming late to this, so have already read the solution to Allen’s query. That said, it did speak truth to me, in more ways than I can explain; you are a most interesting poet Nic, You do not take prisoners!!



And not in your replies Nic.



I read the comment and I think it is the confusion that makes the poem so honest and in a sense, drawing. I love reading your work.

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