an old poem with new verses added


When they ask me to finish
A story, I say: “No-one can
Do whatever he wants when there
Is life around him”, which is
Better than giving them what
They want. Some beg, some
Sulk, some others, charged
And usually charming, say:
“Enough is as good as a feast,
For now.”

But if someone leaves, I whisper:

the storm subsiding,
and there’s no wind howling,
just air drifting from
a future that no longer
kneads possibilities into
determinations, a lazy,
drunken conversation
between two broke friends
after a sad ass dinner,
fading out, mixed
memories of good times,
of who knows, who gives

a damn, subsists on solidarity

And he comes back.




Athens, 2006

– 2021

© ifyouplease 2022
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This one to ponder Nic. I haven’t compared it to the original – thought it better to let it speak for itself. So, what does it say to me? Friendship or love, parting, and the absurdity of fully meeting each other, then acceptance.


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