new romantic free verse, this poem examines the autistic nature of falling in love because of complications, this knowledge that people acquire because of love at first sight. who is real right then and who is not and does it matter to ask when will it end? We seem to snap out of it when we are able to evaluate and we can do it only when we become real again, no longer blinded by whatever made us so autistic.


I am not real
till it all pans out;
and you, the real one,
become the unreal
thinking we were
the same all along,
especially when
our bodies locked
again and again.
There could be
a reason for this,
savant, or not.


Athens, 2021

© ifyouplease 2022
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This is a wonderfully autistic piece which seems too focussed on the physical and in so doing loses the essence of what love is.


I really enjoyed this – introduction as well. I loved the use of ‘autistic’ as an acceptable and sympathetic analogy for what some (heathens!) call ‘the fog’.

Allen. x

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I missed this earlier The analogy of instant attraction and first stages of falling in love with autism is perfect. Total focus on one person rejection of outside norms and the obsession of doing everything together says it all It may be a primeval drive to mate just as the autism of the primeval skittishness of animals to survive or just hormonal but a form of mental illness it certainly is The complications of coming to terms with your relationship is the wake up call and it can be so hard to deal with the guilt of seeing you partner… Read more »


succinctly said. would like some imagery, some “things”, to give it bones.

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