You know

once upon a time there was an amazon…


You know,
If God decided to
Abandon everything
And disappear
In a virgin forest,
No longer invisible
Or invincible,
He would become a Centaur,
Half-man, half-horse
Without the burden
Of being Man’s Creator,
Or an unsuccessful saviour,
Not lost, but wandering,
Sifting his clean-handed
And other choices,
Scarcely audible,
Hardly traceable,
Every so often discernible,
A perfect challenge
For any Amazon,
And throughout his years
In search of


Athens, 2006


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I love this Nic
The idea of god giving up and going walkabout really appeals to me. In fact I think she/he already has and who would blame him/her

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I was trying to work out the association between the poem and the pic and the amazon. What also throws me is the reference to God becoming a Centaur; perhaps you can throw some light on that?


I saw a Centaur once in a major lucid dream. It was life changing and since then I have come to understand that everything exists in some dimension. He was very tall and muscular with red curly hair. About 17 hands high at the withers…. ❤ The dream was one about the choices I would take, an unforgettable magnificent experience. Reading this poem I almost heard the sound of muffled hooves in the moss filled forest. Loved it. Alison x I have never been able to look at a painting of a Centaur again and remain un moved. I can… Read more »

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