Without qualities

old poem inspired by The Man Without Qualities. has it aged well?? I am not sure.

The mood although defined
by sentiments, affects us more
than the strongest feeling,
especially when ideas predominate
in the neighbourhoods of the mind,
rather than instincts and needs.
And when we fall in love
it happens because of our mood,
a sweeping feeling reaches the core
of our inner world, populates
everything – love follows to
pave the way for a unification
of moods, a difficult task
unless we are talking
about unnaturally identical lovers,
faithful in every detail.


Athens, 2005

© ifyouplease 2022
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This also is a lovely poem, Nic. This has a haunting feel of worldly wiseness about it.
I could not stop myself from a sigh and the thought “so true” as I finished reading it.
Definitely two gems from you today

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