old poem


I emerge barefoot from the nights’ fog,
Unafraid of the cold.
Somebody waits
Holding a pair of warm shoes.
“Time to put them on”
He says and starts running.
It is Helios.
I must catch him before dusk.
Not for the shoes,
I have to give him my coat.



© ifyouplease 2021
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This raises a lot of questions, IYP; why is he running? where is he running to? is he running from you? and the coat? is that you offering yourself, your skin to him?


IYP, the subtlety of your writing is sometimes too subtle for me, who is tied up in the knots of another language.


I really like this, Nic. The metaphors are excellent and I can relate to the sentiments in this piece. Well deserved nib/pick.


What a lovely poem this is! Excellent work. The last two lines have a thrilling ending for me. Conditional or unconditional, (love, fear, self-exile) this for me has done its job. “I only go out to get me a fresh appetite for being alone.” It reminded me of these lines of Byron.

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To me this is simple yet powerful verse.


I’m only just now catching up on the recent posts, so I’m late at the party; so a nice cold glass of Retsina please; and I liked the poem, and the link to the previous work. I need to read this more times – it reveals itself coyly.


Yes! But I like it – Retsina that is. I blame it on the bus trip we did from Athens to London many, many years ago. Forewarned, we stocked up on food, to avoid the pricey stops; and we included as many of the small Retsina bottles as we could carry – the ones you open with bottle opener! The highlight of the trip was seeing the Eiffel Tower pass us so many times, before re realised the drivers were lost in Paris. But I also like proper Greek wines, so I will definitely look up hatzimichel; thanks for the… Read more »

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