Kevin (part 1)

and Asiram. a short part..


Asiram started running faster than the fastest human ever ran, almost as fast as a cheetah without failing to keep the speed, until entirely depleted. He had the capsule with him and it took him three hours to see the building on the horizon where the Auction was taking place for just a few minutes more. He had already reached his stamina’s limit and should take the capsule, half-way there he placed the capsule under his synthetic tongue and heard the tiny noise the mechanism hidden in his jaw made as it sucked its energy. “There’s always a first time,” he thought. Only five minutes left and he ran again gradually slower and managed to enter the building with just two minutes left, then one, and as he was literally knocking on the door it opened and finally he was being pushed left and right by robots exiting some of them with babies in their arms. He got inside and had no idea what to do or where to look, he just yelled closing his eyes firmly, “I offer whatever I have for the last unsold baby!!” out of what could be ‘despair’…
A hand landed on his shoulder, and a voice sounded “What took you so long, follow me, he’s not here anymore.”
In a dimly lit room, a cot, a quiet baby, was waiting for him and Salvation only.

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Interesting part, IYP, but there is a bit of cleaning up and tidying up on punctuation and sentence structure to make this a diamond.

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