The priest (part 8)

a message from 28 years ago

part 7

“You saw someone entering this room?” Sidney asked and knew the answer but was hoping till the last minute it hadn’t happened like that.
“Yes, a tall man, much taller than you and me, athletic, had a beard, deep brown hair, yellowish complexion, entered the room. He was wearing a black military suit. He just checked around for one or two minutes, approached the table with our cups of tea and checked if they were warm, he just placed his palms on top. He left abruptly. Somehow I felt I knew him, as if I was his …lover, but was also afraid of him.”
“So you thought it is an implanted memory by your creator, and drew the conclusion they were lovers. I see.”
“This is weird, it feels like being a psychic.”
“Not a psychic, you’re probably a good profiler, like him. I am sure he is searching for her, traces of her and he will be right thinking the tea table verified his suspicions. It’s good that he thinks it was humans. I doubt very much he would think it was a robot having some tea.”
Sidney turned off the table still showing the empty room and sat down. Asiram was still standing and looking at some of his books. He finally picked one. David Copperfield, a very old book.
“You can have it,” the priest said, “my books select their readers. Be careful, though, that’s a rare copy, don’t lose it.”
“Thanks, but I have read the story already, and this one and this one, I haven’t spotted a title I have not read.”
“But you decided to take this one in your hands. Why?”
“Knowing the story, I felt like the little David. I like it when something is reminiscent of a real human feeling.”
“Asiram, please, get over this robot vs human fixation you have, you’re a robot only technically speaking, let me check your ears for a minute.” Sidney walked up to a drawer took out an otoscope and with is checked both of Asiram’s ears.
“Marisa gave you perfect cochleas, sound has the same effect on you like it has on human ears. Something like the eyes I have now that may be robotic but your product line has perfect eyes and ears.”
“I have to leave now, my wife will be wondering what’s taking me so long.”
Dorothy’s voice sounded in the room, “Sidney there is a very urgent message for you, you have to read it yourself, I don’t think it would be a good idea to say what is in it, but please hurry up!”
Sidney left the room and was missing for more than ten minutes, when he came back he looked as if he nearly had a heart attack and he leaned against the wall.
“Are you alright?” Asiram asked.
“I’ll be fine, don’t worry, but I need your help.”
“What can I do? Do you take medication?”
“Dorothy will take care all of that later, it’s sound that makes me feel better. I want you to go back to the Auction room. Go and there will be a baby there, waiting for you, do not worry about how much it costs, take the baby, its name must start with K, and you must bring it here when he will be almost two.”
“A boy? She wanted a girl this time.”
“Asiram! The baby is important, when you come back I will tell you more, go take him and guard him like a hawk!”
“Okay if he is cheap enough I’ll just tell her he was the only baby as cheap as I could afford.”
Sidney opened the door that led to the stairs, “please go now I hope you have energy for very fast running, it’s important you don’t know how much, here take this energy capsule put it underneath your tongue before you enter the room again so that you won’t look ..depleted. Go now!”
Asiram left curious about the developments and ran faster than ever as soon as he got out of the tunnel which ended where Sidney started to walk towards his house to meet Tekton earlier.

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