The priest (part 7)

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Sidney used the tunnel that lead to a distant place in his property and was already rehearsing how to convince Tekton he had no idea he was visiting him all this time.
‘God, it’s going to be difficult,’ he thought, then ‘the motherfucker is the best profiler I know.’ He was outside of the tunnel now and this characterization echoed like a surprising old habit that hadn’t reappeared for a long long time. ‘Why did I have to call him like that? I do not hate his guts anymore and I stopped using such words!’
He was walking fast towards his house, but before emerging from the thick forest he slowed down and picked a few mushrooms, put them in the handmade bag he always had with him.
“Sidney, there you are! How are you? I’ve been trying to find you here for months! But the AI informed me you were not at home whenever I kicked or knocked!”
“Tekton! What a surprise! Well I’m glad this time you managed to find me here. You’re not leaving now are you?”
Sidney remembered the two cups of tea he and Asiram left in the house at that moment and thought ‘Damn! I have to avoid the living room, the only place with a hidden camera. Now Asiram won’t be able to see him.’
He immediately lead Tekton to his office and only left him alone to bring him some ice tea. Sometimes he forgets how weird the weather had become. There were no seasons anymore, companies were modifying the weather to affect the markets, one minute it’s raining the next it’s snowing, it depends on where you live, it was all plasmatic, as if humans still wanted to play with those things and used robots to do it while they took care of their dying babies.
“I have bad news, Sidney, Marisa is dead. She…”
The priest sat down while extending his arm to give him a glass of ice tea.
“Won’t say something?” Tekton asked after a few minutes have passed.
“It’s mint flavored, your favorite, won’t you drink?”
“Is that all?” Tekton looked at his glass with a suspicious look now on his face.
“How did it happen?”
“She wanted to see the Bridge one more time, the rest is history.” Tekton said and then took a sip.
“At least you trust me enough to drink something I prepared. I thought we were safe now that we don’t have our eyes..”
“She was the love of my life.”
“You certainly took it then very lightly. I’d be devastated.”
“She used the machine to do it. I can’t have many feelings about it. My memories already disappear one by one.”
“What? Who gave her permission to travel back in time?”
“She changed something, my wedding ring vanished almost immediately that’s how I knew she did something, her stuff from the house, our newborn. And me, a part of me, as if I never spent two years with her.”
“Then she has not voted against me, now that you mention it, I suddenly forgave her three months ago. Just like that.”
‘I’m afraid this development changes all my plans now and I have no plan B.’ Sidney thought.
Tekton had a strong urge to leave him alone and after all he just wanted to see with his own eyes he is alive and well. There weren’t many of them left now.
“May I pay you a proper visit another time? Do you have an extra bedroom, I’d like to stay for a week here.”
“Yes, sure, and no I don’t have a spare bedroom, one of us will sleep on the couch in the living room. When will you be coming?”
“That’s the problem, I have no idea. Just a feeling I will need to come sooner or later, to take a break perhaps.”
Tekton was gone when he remembered Asiram, he first asked Billy, the other AI if Tekton has completely left his property.
“Dad, Tekton left and there is no sign of him, it’s safe to go back to Asiram. There’s something else…”
“Later Billy you will tell me later, I’ll will be back in half an hour.”
The priest in a few minutes was entering the sophisticated and elegant control room of his second home inside the rock upon which his conspicuous one was built. Asiram was up, staring at a photo of Marisa.”
“Good, you are awake now.. I have some business to do now can you come another time, it’s urgent.”
“She is the one isn’t she?” Asiram asked pensively sad if you can say that for a robot.
“And he was her lover,” he said pointing at the table.
Sidney shouldn’t have left Tekton alone at all, and perhaps should not have let him in too.


(I have no idea when I’ll be able to post the next parts, so I will leave you with some spoilers,

a)Marisa is the creator of Asiram and went back in time, not once but twice, she returned with her physical eyes and saw the Bridge intentionally then hanged herself, there is a baby, from all this travelling, the baby the second time she arranged to be cryopreserved until an important message arrives to Sidney, where to find the baby and what to do with it. Sidney receives the message when Asiram leaves, he contacts him before going home to tell him to go back to the Auction right now. The baby will be there. That baby is Marisa’s, to be given almost for free to the robot she created, Asiram anagram of her name. 

b)Salvation is not a robot but a human, she doesn’t know it, it is Asiram that finally gets it. Salvation will be chased by Tekton, and he will try to rape her only to find out that she has the same birthmark like him, inner thigh a butterfly. He will be shocked and stop the rape. It’s his daughter.  

c)Asiram will be alone with Kevin for a while not knowing where Salvation is, Tekton is hiding her, he will meet the priest for the last time, the priest will die after revealing the last secrets (which are really shocking stuff).

d)Asiram will spend all his bitcoins to change appearance, as an old man he will look like the priest. Asiram takes his place and Kevin grows up in the woods with him.)

e)Salvation’s mother is alive and  belongs to a small group of people and has been mentioned already in one of the first parts. She was a woman that Tekton practically date raped. Marisa went back in time when she was giving birth to try the vaccine Sidney had created 45% survival rate – took the baby to a facility, mothers only allowed to hug their newborns once before giving the babies to the robots to raise them till they reach two the age of their death. Then did it to her own baby.)

(this is not how the story ends. But I don’t know why.. I say some things for this very big story of many many many chapters in advance.)

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IYP, not sure why you added the spoilers – I’m enjoying the instalments as they are, and look forward to revelation as they occur in the natural flow of the story, and would like to discover them as part of my reading and understanding of the multiple themes you’ve stitched together.

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