The priest (part 6)


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Asiram wanted again to take a nap urgently, this huge desire was the best human quality in his robotic life, he was almost sure it had 99 percent similarity to human faculties, a signal urging him to fall asleep. Especially when new data had entered his brain. Yes, he wanted to sleep and wished he could genuinely yawn instinctively forgetting his manners. Yawning must be exquisite he had thought, like a child.
Sidney, the priest, had just brought him a drink but he had no cigars, he never smoked and hated it immensely ever since his father used his cigarette to teach him a lesson when he was a toddler. As soon as he offered Asiram his drink a soft female voice sounded, it was the AI of the second home.
“Sidney, my darling, you know who just arrived unexpectedly. Will you let him see you this time?”
The priest took a moment of fighting his undesirable inclination to say NO off. ‘Perfect’ he thought, ‘Asiram is about to fall asleep, he can stay here.’
“Yes Dorothy, I will see him this time,” Asiram was already sleeping, “make sure if he wakes up to know what to do, and what do you think? Perhaps it is time for him to see Tekton from a nice little distance, so the table must be ready to be used.”
“I’ll take care of it, it is ages since the last time we used it and I find it very entertaining to watch humans spying on each other. Is he the one?”
“Well it must be your lucky day, you have two yes in just two minutes.”
The soft sound of a female dress flouncing off merrily sounded, “Ha! I wish I could give you a kiss!”
“Dorothy, oh Dorothy, I wish the same.” He approached Asiram and took the glass full of fine whisky from his too relaxed hand.
‘She was good at her job, made perfect robots,’ then he thought another thing she was really good at and hurried himself to the door leaving her memory behind him, as it was getting too hot for an old priest like him.

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IYP, wasn’t sure what this meant – ‘She was good at her job, made perfect robots,’ – I thought she was just the AI of the house, which is how you introduced her, then you have a conflicting memory from the priest which implies she is more than an AI construct. Also does the cigar, or the absence of a cigar have any significance?



Scary future outlined here.

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