the second mirroring

new, Lanturne + prosetry 

the mirroring

my soft side,
the match-girl wants

-I’ll buy matches with the last money and the girl knows her only help will then stop, there won’t be a next time, the winter is harsh, the beggar has left long ago, Jane Eyre is no longer in love with his memory, but wishes him well. Adopting the girl is out of the question, the same goes for Jane Eyre finding a new beggar on Poverty Street. A daughter should know all these.

-You’ll buy matches with the last money and the girl knows her only help will never stop wanting to help, there probably will be a next time, next winter may be mild, the beggar is gone for now, Jane Eyre is no longer unsure about their love. Adopting the girl is never out of the question but it is for Jane Eyre, there’ll always be a new beggar on Poverty Street. A mother should know all these.

my tough side,
Jane Eyre wants

Athens, 2021


© ifyouplease 2021
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Fabulous! Had to look up the style but you managed it with aplomb!
Alison x

Your imagination and creativity knows no bounds.
Astounding all round. perfect mirror image. You make me question so much with your ever present in-depth thinking.
Alison x

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O boy! It’s splendid, from end-to-end. I hated this term when my colleagues used it, I don’t know why!
I liked both the sides.
More power to you girl.


This is a stunning piece of work. The mirrors complement each other perfectly.


Enjoyed the poem.

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