The priest (part 5)

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“Listen to me Asiram, what I’m about to tell you is not known by most humans out there, not that they ever managed to know more than what their governments allowed. The governments used to control all information and they had ministries that were hidden. National secret agencies had no idea either how any state really worked. Ages ago humans had magazines of the alternative kind, conspiracies and such. The Internet was different, not like the one humans and robots have today and all its hidden levels were destroyed. There was a time pure truth could be found on the world wide web, and the most horrific evil too. There were websites and forums and there were many platforms and essentially everybody was happy with it. Dark clouds appeared when social media took over and eventually changed how it worked. Some websites and forums were dedicated to truth but they either ceased to update their news, disappeared or were sold. Freedom of speech was now rare, it was all controlled by governments and cartels. Then a pandemic started. The really dangerous pandemic because there were a couple of other minor ones first, a decade prior to the one that changed the world so much… They thought the minor ones could help them with their plans on the kind of globalization the cartels wanted, which as you know happened but not in their favour. Anyway, magazines newspapers and sometimes even literature I remember how it was.. I had my suspicions.. as if anything that goes to print is not only controlled but also financed and organized by the governments, people thought they could learn the truth if they research, I was one of them. Knowing the whole truth and nothing but the truth was impossible, nobody knew back then about the Bridge. The reason that finally all nations in the world accepted to relinquish their status and become one nation on Earth. Right after the last pandemic, the Bridge was obvious to 99 percent of people. It was there and it was like nothing they have ever experienced without the use of drugs. The Bridge is now a forbidden term, the people chose to erase this memory, and only the security council of the UN was allowed to retain it. Me and approximately 300 other people from around the world that is. It was sheer madness I tell you, the insanely happiest sight was that Bridge, but the suicides were too many. 100 million in just half a day. Martial law, detention centers, us trying to find a solution. The people that were killing themselves were the ones who saw it repetitively, two or three times in just an hour. We had to do something as it also started to affect animals and plants. The Bridge is still there, it will be there forever. When the first among us couldn’t help it and commited suicide we decided to…”
Asiram couldn’t say that he was listening to pleasant things and he thought he knew anything unpleasant that took place before the creation of his product line..
“To ?”
“…well it was Tekton’s idea… and we said yes, we don’t have our eyes anymore. They were surgically removed and replaced with Norton’s invention, who just before killing himself he gave us this gift to survive. Robotic eyes.”
“I think I am going to have that whisky now, Sidney, and if you have a cigar.”

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Nic, This is shaping up nicely. The reveal about the robotic eyes is significant and makes me wonder about the make up of a human and when we can sat it is no longer human.

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