For a pillow use a strong question
And let people say whatever they want,
Let the doctors verbalize,
The nurses scurry to-and-fro,
The relatives, bringing oranges
And biscuits, pay their visit,
Your other half tending to you, unsleeping.
Lock yourself under that question,
And wait for the Roman soldiers
-Such chances don’t come often-
To experience what plagues the world
And have their ghosts appear before you;
Sail away with aristocratic impassivity
On a cool, clear sea, on a boat called ‘White Dot’.
But, when time is up, COME BACK,
It’s not that nice down here I know,
But so it’s been since before we’re born,
So come back, DON’T GO, and nobody
Will ever know. The machines will show
An improvement of your condition.
For purely mechanical reasons
They’ll believe it, everybody believes
In machines. This will be your secret miracle,
COME before the women appear in this vision
Bringing myrrh, and let this unquestionable rock



© ifyouplease 2021
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A miracle of the second coming. Artfully composed.

If I remember it was 75 pounds of myrrh and aloes.


Yes, it was the myrrh reference that hooked me into this poem. I read it as a beloved facing the option of the vanishing white dot, having been deep under the water; or, resurfacing back to life; it is a possible death-bed situation? Or am I being too literal? Whatever the meaning it is a beautiful piece, thankyou Nic



I was going to say 10/10 from me. 🙂 Simple and concise. But then I thought: Well, discuss!

Excuse the pun: God knows what has happened here!!!

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So we have to conceive that the ultimate consciousness can metamorphose in ANY way it wishes, and I hope that the next time it will choose something quite incongruous (if it hasn't already) and it certainly would not have to fight.  But that said I cannot fault your Poetry: It is sublime and deserves to be picked.
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a very interesting built-up tinged with mystery. Greek philosophy (I learnt a lot finding out about ataraxia)Christianity and past and present, intimately woven into an unusual experience….thank you for this!


Splendid. Original, deep and sadly true.
Alison x

PS I think you are a Sibyl. (Perhaps reincarnated)
Alison xx

Oh me too! David Turner always said I was cursed as she was.
Never more so than today where I tend to keep quiet as the odds of anyone actually listening are stacked.
Alison x

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