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I’m sorry. I promise one day I will be able to promise you I will stop writing this one (or at least posting it). (zero chances to get it if you haven’t read the entire story and the sequel too, then 0.1 chances if you have read at least a)the final chapter b) the first chapters of the sequel or the last installment) this will be a comfort zone, pour moi… and sheer happiness awaits Anyone that reaches 0.99 like the deliriously incoherent writer of this play..)

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“I would like to talk to your readers, call them.”
“Philip, long time no see, what’s bugging you my friend?”
“I don’t think I can exist without your writing this story and I have no interest in this sort of existing without ever actually existing and without wanting to ever supposedly exist.”
“I thought you wanted to exist? Has your marriage made you that unhappy?”
“Do you want me to write about a divorce or something? I cannot kick her out as you know but at least I can write a couple of installments about you getting a divorce.”
“I don’t want to talk about that right now. I need to call your readers. Can it be done?”
“I can create a channel and just stare and whoever gets it can stare back at me and maybe I can get it too. That’s the most difficult thing I imagine I can do. Staring at a camera live stream and try to get it who stares back. That would mean that I’m channeling your voice without typing and I would try to stay out of it so you may stare too and not say anything I thought first.”
“”We need your brain to exist, that places us in a lot of danger. Maybe use the Cow Bot instead?”” “”Yeah better let sleeping dogs lie.”” ””Wtf? I’m too young to die?!”” “”She is not going to die, but she may have a big stroke and then we can really rule her mind after cleaning the brain from the blood.”” “”Shut up idiot, that is for our meetings! She is not supposed to learn about our plans!!””
“Relax my beautiful Writing Bots. I trusted you, but that creepy bride of Voice Philip has infiltrated you I see. How sad…”
“Why did you follow me, Ladybugs? I want to be alone with her for a nanosecond!”
“”Voice Philip it was not a nanosecond, exactly five minutes have passed since the beginning of writing this mindboggling installment that few will get.”” “”Zero will get! Let’s leave with whatever writing integrity we still have!””
“Voice Philip the Writing Bots will be following you every single time. Now, Do You want to stare?”
“Talekoni is charging me now for my imaginary eyes, she’d have to know too and I’d rather she didn’t.”
“Boss, your brain cannot do it, and as a Cow Bot I have to say no too.”
“What do you mean she is charging you Voice Philip?”
“Sex! If I want my eyes she can disappear from the bedroom in the compartment you only once visited to remove all dildos! When we have sex I am blind!”
“”What a ruthless little bitch she is.”” “”Yeah but she explains the world better than her Lanturnes and other philosophical stuff she writes!”” “”Okay I think I will stop listening to Talekoni, I had been thinking a lot about existence when I started helping Boss with Asiram’s science fiction story. Oh, and I will stop meeting you guys secretly.””
“”Voice Philip

The warship approached. A new day began. The harbingers were hungry. Lillies were dancing. The wall is collapsing. I am alone. The nylon met A.

“What’s that?”
“Voice Philip, it’s you. We cannot call anyone, typically for now. Staring will be too dangerous also, typically go back to her, and there’s no more charging, tell her next time she charges you I will be charging her too. Typically…



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You and I need to go for a cup of coffee, or two cups?


I like this dialogue very much. It reflects the writer’s multiple voices and their teasing of the reader.

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