The follower

an old poem whose ending has changed and now has a new title.


Closing my eyes
after a large glass of beer,
in the shadow of the night
I listen to the song of a cicada
and the hour is marked by its
instructive intermissions.
When it rests, I try to rest too.
The cicada starts again.
Its high-pitched drone urges me
to learn about myself.
Yet another pause.
Somebody is coming; I stiffen
in the flutter of my eyelids,
but restlessness prevails;
my concentration rustles
in the sound of footsteps.

There, again, this time 

it’s me standing up the lesson I must follow…



Athens, 2005 – 2008 – 2021

© ifyouplease 2022
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I try to rest when the cicada stops. I know that feeling. Interesting slightly mysterious piece. It paints a scene.
Not sure you need to say a glass. A large beer would tell the story and set the scene. The glass is distracting, I focussed on the glass instead of the beer.


As you know full well, we are followed and followers. An interesting play with the poetic structure.


Very descriptive but the last two lines are what makes the poem for me. They are obviously pivotal but it remind me of a night visitation.

This may be well off track but its as though the physical body has been half awakened to that sacred space of ‘awake inside’…then you in your dream body awaiting instruction?
Alison x


Yes, having read the perceptive comments of the others, I sort of see where I can understand this poem; so the ‘me’ standing up the lesson, is now here as me anyway?
As usual your work makes me ponder – more time to do that.

Thanks again…..Dougie


Another brilliant mystic piece! I know that the cicada only ‘sing’ when a certain temperature is reached. So to sit (or lay) outside in the warm night air is a wonderful overture to the mystic. Their drone is akin to binaural beats, and for me is an aid to getting to hypnagogia – that twilight zone of infinite possibilities. I am guessing you might be referring to the opposite state just before you awake where some really magical and informative experiences come – but you bring so many possibilities in your writing that I ponder it for hours! Blessings, Allen… Read more »

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