The priest (part 4)

the other home 

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“Let’s go inside,” the priest said and Asiram still shocked by having a privacy he never thought he would have said, “Excuse me?”
“The rock is not an ordinary rock, let’s go inside it. There you can tell me more about Gravity, and your dream, but first I have to explain some things and let you decide what to do with what you know.”
He followed the priest outside and they went half the way around the cyclical rock where with a remote control a door opened. “Follow me.” Every step they took down the stairs made the lights flicker above their heads.
A second house existed in the rock, as tidy as the one above. More luxurious for sure, the rooms above were the kind of rooms a priest would have, but here? No. Only a Bon Viveur, ex President of the UN would, only the highest paid scientist that ever lived.
“I’ve changed, I prefer my surroundings to be more humble now, but it’s too late to change this other home. I would have decorated it differently now.”
“That’s okay, this luxury is not extravagant. It has a lot of friendliness, warmth too.”
They sat at the glass table which was also a screen.
“I don’t know about you if you want to pretend of having a whisky. But I need one right now.”
“No, I think I’m done today with pretending to sip human drinks.”
Five minutes later Asiram broke the silence.
“The Kirlian photography always impressed me. Such a photo depicts exactly what I will never have. A genuine aura. What will always prove I am just a machine.”
“Hmm.. “
“This aura is a reason for gravity, it’s the interaction with anything concrete or anything existing in some form. It binds the bodies it keeps them within this physical realm but it’s not its fault. It’s an automatic lock. The feet are locked in the ground, the entire body is but it’s really fascinating that a living body can levitate while at rest more easily than one standing up and for more. Especially if the person or animal has been hypnotized.”
“You’re close enough and maybe in two or five years you will find the answer. Asiram, do you know anything about me?”
“Most of what I know I learnt today. You were a president, and I assume you were the one that was …removed.”
The priest took one more large sip.
“Yes. My name is Sidney but my last name was never revealed to anyone, nobody knows it.”
“Is it important for me to know it?”
“Perhaps, we will see. Yes about the lock, but there has been no real levitation of anything, this is about other entities messing with us, it doesn’t prove anything. Thought-forms. But let’s leave it at that. Asiram do you know the name of your creator?”
“I was assembled in a factory near what used to be the french borders with Switzerland. I don’t know who designed me. There were 3000 robots like me.”
“With the same face?”
“I don’t know. I will probably never meet them after all. I never thought of my product line.”
“I doubt there is any other robot looking like you. Do you also shapeshift?”
“What’s that?”
“Forget it. Without being 100 percent sure, I tell you you’re the only robot that looks like…”
The priest, Sidney, tapped his fingers on the table…
“…that looks exactly like me when I was 17.”
“What? I am an adolescent? How disappointing!”
The priest laughed for the first time. ‘He is a kid, he is me before what power did to me,’ he thought and stopped laughing.

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