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It is because things remind me of other things
That I can’t forget.
I think I’ll quit running away from not going anywhere,
And choose a dead end at random;
The sublime without perfection,
The unknown without ignorance,
Beauty with or without purpose.
Call the World stupid when I need it most,
And smart when I need it not.
For who am I to deserve an untrodden path
When I have been stepped on?
Who are they to help me or apologize this late?



Athens, 2008 – 2021


© ifyouplease 2022
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so much to ponder on.


Reminds of the man who put knots in his handkerchief to remember things, and then knotted his belt to remember what the knots in the handkerchief were for, ending up by placing knots on every part of his body, until he himself became a memory of a memory.

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