My last hope is
a trip to the Unknown,
Mom and Dad,
hand in hand
leaving forever.
I, alone at last,
keeping the memory
of both whyevers
in pardoned mode,
and let my struggle
with their mindset
stop, not go on.



Athens, 2021


© ifyouplease 2021
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Subtle. I have to return to this again, and again. Interesting, how much can be said by so little. Thanks.


As Larkin put it – they fuck us up, in one way or the other. I have never come to terms with my parents, more so since they died; maybe I need to write it out in a poem.


Okay will do; this should be interesting – ‘ beware mariner, here be monsters’ !!


Are you now reconciled with who you are, with your own colours?

You are a poet. That is all you need to know and be.

You know who you are – a Greek poet with a voice that reaches across the world.

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