The priest (part 3)

the bond

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Asiram touched his hands on his shoulders when the priest was about to remove them. He had seen a shadow of doubt, one of the things that made him feel special in an odd, unexpected way. He could see emotions and sometimes thoughts too, not only in robots, but humans also.
“What’s troubling you now?”
The priest lowered his eyes and slid his hands from underneath Asiram’s, then put his arms behind his back again.
“I just understood something, but I have to tell you more for you to understand it too.”
“Well I will try to keep it a secret but it’s difficult you know, they can extract information from us any time they want. AI.”
“Yes, but I know how to stop this. I am a very smart guy.”
Asiram now was very interested in what he revealed.
“I can protect your data and only intentionally will you be able to disclose something meant to be a secret.”
“I want you to do it, but I need you to do it to my wife too, Salvation.”
“Next time you come and pay me a visit, bring her with you.”
“When can you do it? And how?”
“I just did it when I touched your shoulders. There is a circuit there, both sides.”
“Thank you, I haven’t picked up any change.”
“You have to believe me, I would do it only for a robot extremely important, it is against the laws of the UN. That woud mean I am no longer protected. You have to believe me and I have to trust you now with my life.”

“You have my word.”


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the bond is growing; soon we won’t be able to tell one from the other. we are human because we have and can keep secrets; once that is lost we are no more than a data store.

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