The yellow beach

an edited very old poem 


Do you remember that yellow beach
behind those moon-like cliffs?
When I stroll my mind’s mazy streets
memory gets richer.
It’s like the candles in a chapel
up on a visionary mountain
of thyme and honeysuckle.
And what about little Dina’s
oyster-shaped swing,
all kids waiting for their turn,
to push the winner of hide and seek,
an odd honor, as odd as the night
the ship of life disappeared on the horizon
that the Lighthouse stared at indefinitely

and ever since in vain.


Athens, 1996 – translated from Greek in 2020

© ifyouplease 2022
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Very beautiful, and written with your usual control.

The last three lines remind me of a mystery surrounding the three lighthouse keepers on the Flannel Isles.



An excellent poem, Nic.

Do you mean something specific by “the ship of life”?


Ah, I see, you’ve already explained it.

Ship of life = lost childhood
Lighthouse = adulthood


Not sure if that works. It’s not at all clear.

Why not “the ship of youth”?

And maybe the lighthouse metaphor should be a bit clearer. How about “the tall lighthouse”?…

Just a couple of suggestions.


Also, I think “disappeared over the horizon” would be better.

When a boat disappears, it goes *over* the horizon.


Are you actually, seriously, a flat earther?


I think the earth’s pear-shaped.




In a sensory manner, things do disappear on the horizon, and not over it, so I prefer that line; that apart I found the poem just right – a hint of rhyme, and it flowed; thank you.

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