On Edge

cur tacitus es?


It happens so that you know a bad secret
Not even high ranked secret agents are aware of.

It’s in your words,
Part of every phrase you write,
Part of your speech.

Then you try to limit the things you say,
It’s working.
Like taking a step back from a bitchy situation.

You slowly become silent..

The bad secret is gone, you feel safer.
And one morning you notice your hands
have become the secret and you start hiding them,
and that’s why now it’s written all over your face.


Athens, 2006

© ifyouplease 2021
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beautifully mapped to the only ending there could be.


sorry I have not had very much time to read UKA lately. I saw this earlier, but could not comment.
I really like this. To me, it sums up how we hide things from ourselves even when hiding things from others.

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