The canary

Tekton just lost another one.


These people, are not real. They appear out of nowhere with weapons and destroy us, but they are not as real as we are, the robots. I have other suspicions too. They have the technology that keeps as ‘alive’, functioning. I saw them. They are not real.
Yes, I found it, hide it better, and yes I know too how to write but never mention that as they record everything, they never stopped. We are at their mercy. I don’t think they read our thoughts, I knew they couldn’t read mine, I wasn’t sure about you. But if you managed to keep a handwritten diary all this time and not end up destroyed, they cannot.

When Asiram found these words handwritten in his diary under his most recent entry he went for a long walk to visit for the first time the priest in the woods.
Tekton was puzzled by this short note, decided to investigate and trace everything that has to do with Salvation, she became his priority. She would help him find out the big truth he was searching for, a truth the UN would not disclose even if something bigger than the sun was about to collide with Earth if they didn’t.
“I will find you.” he said, looking at the fireplace making two painful fists, forgetting his arthritis for a moment. His new canary fell dead in her cage. He realized the pain when he heard the sound of the canary’s body dropping. “Everything dies prematurely..” he muttered.
“Asiram, Salvation, and your little boy, Kevin. Asiram, Marisa hid her name in yours. That lovely bitch who knew too much, the best fuck of my life…”

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IYP, I need to place this within the bigger story. Can you link this to the other sections?



A question: how many many canaries has Tekton lost already?

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