romantic poetry which is basically esoteric and psychoanalytical


This is a world I profoundly dislike: derelict,
And I try hard not to call your house like this,
But no other word seems to fit. I’m always this close
To taking you by the hand, after walking down that street together
Make you see the closed shutters, the uncared-for lawn,
Kiss you in a renovating way. Ask you to slip your hands
Under my sweater and as if I were one of the walls in this house of yours,
As if the skin on my back was wallpaper, to tell you: “Pick a corner
And dig your fingernails in.” I hesitate. You may like it too much this way,
Or I may.


Athens, 2005

© ifyouplease 2021
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I like this very much, Nic. I think this just about sums of the feeling of the whether to commit problem. I know it well 😉


This is a profoundly erotic poem for me. and then the decision, the longing, the hesitation at the end. Brilliant.


I am reading it a bit differently but probably wrongly knowing the complexity of your work. 😉
I see he is maybe the house to you. Derelict , uncared for, neglected and unawakened to his sexuality.
Or maybe it’s about you?
Anyway, the desire is to share a bit of passionate even SM sex.
The question is what might that release?
Yes, it is erotic in a masterfully played down way.

Alison x

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Perhaps that is exactly what we need 😉
Nero fiddled while Rome burned.
Maybe we should do some ‘fiddling’ while everything implodes? Hehe xx

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A really deep, deep write. I interpret the hesitation being more due to ‘his’ dereliction, than to fear of taking that step into the ‘unknown’. I always find there are many facets to your remarkable poetry, though. So I wouldn’t be surprised if I am off target.


Yes, there are quit a few of us who could use some urban renewal investment in our love lives. Fine verse.

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