The Chosen Dummies

published by Uka

Out in the dark valley of the night
pitch black moments glue to each other,
a constant subtle tremor’s energy anticipates
the twisted habit of the missing sun
to change the spectrum of the things
the days have done.

Who now thinks therefore I am?
Refreshing with his conscious cogitation
my being all the time while I’m asleep?
One of his dummies takes my place,
am I replaced, or are there many I’s
scattered in dependent timelines?

And more importantly when did we extrapolate
the sun’s return as scheduled,
hadn’t we witnessed his insane departure
every dusk, all he ever leaves behind
is a bipolar room for doubt.

We dream the past when we’re awake,
and sleep throughout the now.
It is as if the sun was what Shakespeare
may have had in mind, “to be or not to be”
was the bottom-line.

Although Spiritus ubi vult spirat,
a poet knows that here it’s always dark,
a poet listens to the ventriloquist’s heartbeat,
reversed replayed reechoed in slow motion,
a pattern torn by chosen ones
who don’t come back to shatter any myth
or spoil the dummies’ dream
and cut the prince’s tongue and arm.

Such is the only deal for a real life,
kidnapping your fake self in Now’s broad daylight,
one dummy less, missing from the drama
and never looking back.

© ifyouplease 2021
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Hi Nicoletta, I like this poem very much, but I don’t know why. I found some great lines in it and some that cut into my own experience of life. However, I cannot help thinking this is typical of the way poets and philosophers overthink things (sorry) 🙂

Last edited 4 months ago by Guaj

Looks like we have to disagree on fantasy verses reality. White light doesn’t exist, a prism tells the truth, but it is blind in darkness. That is fact. Applying that statement to life is fantasy.
Sauron is a figment of J.R.R’s imagination and his take on evil and the devil. Applying that to one’s fear of being controlled is by an unknown is bordering on paranoia.

Last edited 4 months ago by Guaj

It’s great to write beautiful poems like yours about purity of life/thought/light and so on but really over 95% of the population of this world want to be controlled by an invisible force ie gods of some kind or another but in fact get controlled by church synagogue mosque priests etc That’s been going on for tens od thousands of years and it isn’t about to change anytime soon. So why worry about even more mysterious elements that may not exist Purity of thought light or whatever is a wonderful goal but it will only be your own private version… Read more »

Last edited 4 months ago by Guaj

IYP, there are beautiful lines in this poem, but i disagree that “a poet knows that here it’s always dark.” Why is it dark? Who has created the darkness? This is my belief: i create my own light and dark, the battle is with myself, the paranoia is mine, and mine alone to fight, come to terms and live with. And it is up to me to populate my world with that which i seek and desire; i have my daughters, my dogs, my bees, flowers, fruit trees, and people who are at peace with who they are and where… Read more »

IYP, I exercise, and exercised my will to move between “sites” in my life. whether that is or has been a “free” choice according to your reasoning i will never know. I do know that i knew when i was in a dark place, and i have been in many, that i wanted to get out of there, and i consciously did so. Was there a greater or other power guiding me? I do not know, and i don’t really care. What I do care about is being connected to my environment, everything that is around me. and at the… Read more »


Congratulation on the nib. Well deserved.


One of your very best which always left me with a feeling of disquiet. A truly fine piece of work. Personally I do not have a problem with the bit about the poet a poet knows that here it’s always dark, a poet listens to the ventriloquist’s heartbeat, Perhaps it is because I live one step away from depression due to seeing, feeling and being unable to share mostly. Some may disagree but I find it very hard to be a dummy and now we are entering into the age of the dummies… I cannot be happy when most of… Read more »

Last edited 4 months ago by stormwolf

One of your great themes, the illusions and naivety of the human mind, is powerfully worked out here. I’ve always admired your inscrutable oracular persona which seems to simultaneously demand and defy interpretation. I suppose that is your way into the Classical world. Impressive.(I see this finding its way into the margins of a textbook of science or psychology more than a literary press publication somehow)

Last edited 3 months ago by ross
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