Advancing Craft

Continuing to play with the convoluted evolution and exploration of the “This Is” subject

On the road of unlearning,

Learning of Is that is Not Is,

On the unpath to the White Citadel

Grey curved dresses shrunken called:

            ‘Turn back, turn,

Uncurve your wish to be unbeing,

Curl back into the being of my curve.’

Unheard they fade nothingness, a bigness

Big once blindly passed a littleness.


Self’s shepherd turned:

Turned not to grieve –

Grief would prove hypo-nature’s thesis –

Turned to shield and fold the pity fleshness,

Extend the root of born into unborn.


Each self shepherd’s self unselfed,

Each step unstepped,

Unnumbered self its numbers

Till all numbers numbered all,

And unself, numbered, self unnumbered,

Moved past its self and through the self

Of all that eye had cast, all selfs

From proton fire, fish fall, fowl fell, all flesh,

Through den, eyrie, fold, fen, flesh and unflesh,

All selfs of eye mirrored with all selfs of self.


And unbeing self all being is, is

Lion beyond, parchment, Sham beyond,

Self gathered, folded in from history,

Pregnant, flooded with all selfs,

Face the cosmic face, known, unknown,


            Self’s ambition to achieve,


For self through selfish selfs has come,

Unfearing death, eternal births, to be one.

© Bhi 2020
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Writing as rich as a Christmas pudding Bhi! Needs careful reading to keep track of the messaging of ‘This Is’, but, not sure whether it’s confined enough to do this. A bit too complicated to meet my preference for the beauty of simple English; could be a need specific to my situation of being immersed in another language, others may find an easier path through, and enjoy the challenge. Rich writing indeed!


Err, I confess my ignorance here, you’ve lost me.
My brain hurts trying to work it out. 😉
Maybe I need to read it a few times.
Alison x


Thanks for that Mr B. I am just going to lie down in a darkened room and then have another stab. I LOVE deep poetry, it’s just a case of me getting it. 😉


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