An Aristotelian Affair

A tricky seduction, from a dialectic
and rhetorical perspective!


To convince
cute ‘Dr PhiloSophia’
lecturing across the hall
of my suitability as a bed Fellow

I’ve worked tirelessly
weighing up all the pros and cons
argued, and counter-argued
why we should become an item

I’ll tell her too, how reliable I am
how I would never lie or cheat
that my feelings for her
are as genuine as the day is long

I’ll tell her how lonely I am
how I’m merely a man who simply
loves a woman, a woman worthy
of someone far better

All women love a posh meal too
or flowers, or chocolates
no wait! It feels like I’m only
a syllogism away from
spilling the beans!





© TheRecluse 2020
critique and comments welcome.
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A poem I could get me teeth into! Enjoyed every word, which rings true.


I was getting worried when you mentioned that you wanted to become a bedfellow of Dr. Philosophia until you revealed that the object of your desire was female.
I am not a philosopher but I can see another syllogism here: that all women love to be flattered and pampered and therefore are beddable


if there is no bridge made for Titans or a woman followed by a legion of relentless arguments, and if I were a man I would behave like Tarzan, grab a rope announce my arrival by yelling my manliness, best syllogism according to the unwritten laws of the love-jungle. perhaps the question is should Jane and Tarzan have an aristotelian affair or at least a Lucy Ricky one? maybe even an Al and Peggy or David and Maddie?


seranade and be damned

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