Pagan Christian

echoes of the past

In the house with the red roof
on the black hearthstone
a white arrow you drew,
and deep in the wood
near a pond, under a tree
you wiped the slate clean for two.
People asked you once
“In what do you believe?”
and you replied
“In the only lie that
can encircle truth.”


circa 2003, Athens

© ifyouplease 2021
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Is there only one lie and only one truth?


IYP, there would be no winners; one cannot exist with the other; what is needed is an equilibrium, and more importantly the willingness to create that. The theory of relativity postulates that time is curved – that it can speed up or be slowed down – but once that concept has been stripped down to the bone it is linear. The shadow of time is our shadow, which haunts us all the way to the grave. There is a tribe in eastern India which is matriarchal; all the children belong to the tribe, have no concept of mother/father, they sleep… Read more »


There is only one truth. The lies are not worthy or deserving of dissection. The more important task is to dissect the truths and discover the one.

*removes tongue from cheek*

A really good thought provoking poem. You poems engender serious deliberation. Thank you for sharing.

Allen x


All too deep for me Nicoletta. The only lie that encircles truth IMO is The Religion (or even just God itself)


You got me here Nic. I ain’t got a clue.
No wonder the great philosophers were Greek.
* scratches head*
Alison x

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