Taking The B Road Home

was long and winding, but we arrived
heralded in by the music of Schubert
an informative dedication



With spectacular precision
blade radiation
was the first concept to fail
So too, two toxic cocktail regimes
started and stopped
after relegating you to first place
on your adversary’s
to-kill list

Third time unlucky
the family clung on to a rivulet of hope
measured en route by the learning
of music you loved, promised to you
on returning

Then, at the last debriefing
luck, gave us a war strategist
equal to the task
Listening to our plea
he found another weapon in the armoury
forcing through a room with a view
where rookie soldiers
(two million per kilo body weight)
could be bred and recruited
The Royal Stem-cell Regiment
frozen, confined to Barracks

awaiting home posting
– the sick-prone system was purged
to within an inch of your life
but, far beyond what was healthy
for a rogue tenant dead-set on claiming
a lease extension!

Taking vacant repossession
you were replenished anew
with front line reinforcement
And the sinister, dark presence
always lurking in the shadow of hope
rowing back across the bar alone
was felt by all

Two years on
admired, delicate and beautiful
you’re a complete reproduction
of your coded uniqueness
Bodily pure
and untarnished
And I’m ever playing the guitar piece
promised in earnest
to the talisman of humanists






© TheRecluse 2020
critique and comments welcome.
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This is a beautiful and moving poem. The last verse is stunning.

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