The Great Exodus



You’re now a shadow, not the first nor last,
Nothing can harm you as such; detach.

Observe the present you are in,
But do not troll the past.
Invoke the Great Exodus
To help your essence win.

Beware your merging with the night,
The blackness of a heartless crater,
From which the callous ropes of Fate
Are being flung anew to seize you later.

Down there, where the anthrax platform’s
Filled with mine-dust, archons need more slaves.
Ask yourself:
“What’s the reason for such vile wonders?”

Fear most craving to return,
To dream again in cave-like shelters,
To live inside a human body chained
Under the ruthless laws of Elders.

Time’s reign has ended for you; eschew restarting clocks
That ceaselessly exploit the signs of Zodiac.
I know you’ll need a new, full body soon,
Your thirst for it will be a torture.

Fight it, if all the shadows out there
Did the same, it’d bring the final closure,
No souls approaching in a file
The river of Oblivion.
Once crossed again you have surrendered
Life to Death’s Dominion.

Has this so far not brought us back
To nothing but Inferno?

A play for puppets where there is
No point, no freewill section.
Just karmic strings attached to stars
Long gone and black holes.

Reduced to size of granules,
Rubbing and rubbed along the sliding sands
In prison-hourglasses, aimless; whose ends
Are sealed with bones, left behind,
As remnants;
Yell to your former masters full of rage:

“Enough of this!”
Burn their Wheel
And leave no trace of them.

Athens January 2019

© ifyouplease 2022
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Mysterious piece, Nicoletta. Seems to me it’s about the never ending circle of life – death-life – death – ad nauseam and the wish of a tortured soul to end the roundabout and fall into infinity. I’m probably wrong but that’s what I read.


Fascinating piece; bewitching parallel; mind traps throughout.

Am interested in what you mean “will set things right for all,” in your reply. What is this “right”? If one of us or more than one impose ourselves on the rest, how does that make us different to the “former masters”? Just me, trying to make sense of this is.


Fascinating piece, very interesting to read I didn’t understand it all, but enjoyed it all. Sue.


Boy how I resonated with this. It is as dark as the present reality for those with eyes to see the horrors beyond the endless propaganda and mind control. I DO NOT CONSENT! I cry till my lungs are dry and my hopes diminishing with the next lockdown to the steel horizon of despair, poverty, destitution and slavery. God, I feel a poem coming on. Perhaps I should resurrect one of the many I have written over the years warning of what is now among us? What’s the point they cry? Until the critical mass turns the water red they… Read more »



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