A Poem Sleeps

guess the book after guessing the writer


Behind the bridal veil, a lost look,
Ill at ease smile, yellowish teeth.

It’s June and I’m a February-poem. I hold the tail of the dress,
Death is the groom.

Tired after this ceremony, I fall asleep.

I wake up in a book whose pages are wheels,
preparing a church for another wedding,

a church that has 28 closed doors.


Athens, 2006 – 2019

© ifyouplease 2022
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You’ve got me! I thought perhaps it was going to be from a Athenian legend of one sort, but the final line just perplexes me. (*scratches head and bemoans his ignorance*)


OMG. This is very abstract and dark. The black and white pic illustrates it perfectly! The first lines reminded me of Miss Haversham right enough. It has a very disconcerting air, reminiscent of many of my dreams. There is a lot here.Very symbolic and the last line could speak for the state of the church today. A failed institution with no fire in its belly, that has submitted meekly to corrupt government lockdowns. Locking out all the faithful who should have been able to find solace there, as the world sways over the precipice of totalitarianism and genocide. I cannot… Read more »

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