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a sudden decision

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“The Experiment does not go well. Level-Eight-Humans should have been finding out what is going on much, much later, and I don’t trust this Tekton, not with T nowhere to be found.”
The silence in the well-designed, holographic room was heavy, the faintest electro-etheric sound almost intelligently chose to disappear in their thick awkwardness and became indiscernible. They were all pensive.
“We only have one plan for such a development, a pregnancy.”
What would have appeared as a stubby greenish humanoid, was now transforming into a much taller and molusc like shadow with wings.
“No, we cannot play with thought-forms anymore,” the speaker said and the shadow shrank, “it has worked in the past, but not always, we need something real, as real as it can get this time.”
A pink hued slimmer humanoid started speaking, she could hardly maintain a calm, soft voice.
“If it is going to be as real as you want, we need nine months and a lot of things can happen by the time the baby is born. We cannot do it without manipulating time somehow.”
“Indeed, we need to wake up our Bees.”
“Sorry, that cannot be done, my Bees are too tired and waking them right now might kill them,” somebody from the Assemply said. A bat-like head again emerged from the top of the stubby humanoid’s egg-shaped head.
“Will you just stop it? Thought-forms are out of the question! We need full capacity and all Bees working for this timeline shift and if we cannot have them we must find another solution. We need to do it on our own.”
The stubby guy finally spoke instead of manifesting his solution: “Why do you have a problem with thought-forms all of a sudden? They are ideal for manipulating humans, bees will be safe, and we won’t have to approach the Bridge to change time risking our current lives! Do you have any idea how difficut it was not to reach enlightenment in my last intermediate state? This game got extremely difficult! You were not there last time, it was only me! Only me died!”
“Perhaps M is right. Or wrong. I think I ran out of ideas. M is wrong. Or right.”
“His idea is not good enough. Come on Letters! K, don’t you have something to say, a hieroglyph got your tongue?”
K stood up and after giving a furtive glance at the flower he was given to vote, he put it in the Vase and the minute he did it, facing the speaker, his light blue with yellow ribbons body froze.
“Oh no! Not again! K you promised us you won’t do it again! Wake up the Bees!!” A yelled unable to maintain her calm voice and terror replaced whatever uncomfortably silent mood they were in earlier, the electro-etheric sounds causing an acoustic havoc, “and we as well as all of our thought-forms let’s cross our fingers. K just incarnated as a human! Two more letters and we’re toast!”

“Especially if they are vowels,” the speaker murmured looking at the flower and K’s frozen hand. 

“It’s one failed test after another ever since Level-Eight-Humans evolved to a preNine stage and stopped handwriting our names,” P said, “and this started happening when T disappeared. I would be able to stop him if S and R were still among us.”

“K now is on a mission to trace him, we need T back here, S, R, L, B and E ascended and there’s no bringing them back.”

“At least they didn’t take their Bees with them, but T has.”


Asiram woke up or as Salvation calls it often he ‘was back online’. ‘What was that all about?’ he wondered, ‘Was it a preprogrammed dream?’

He checked his bio-batteries by pressing on his temples, and they were depleted. ‘I don’t know what I saw, what kind of dream I had, but it exhausted me instead. As if I was there with those Letters!’

That day she had to find her sensations, otherwise Asiram would not be able to go to work let alone the Auction.


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Looks like L,S and D have been getting up to mischief. 🙂

Interesting concept electric dreams. (Dick thought so anyway)


I googled Ubik. Interesting idea, but I don’t think I buy it. I still feel Herbert’s concept of a galaxy wide revolution against A.I. and their subsequent replacement by Genetically manipulated humans is more likely in the future.


L, S and D indeed! IYP, Very interesting read. Just a few observations: There are too many voices – and I’m sure that these will resolve in future chapters – being introduced; where did “the stubby guy finally spoke” spring from; we haven’t seen him before. almost intelligently chose to disappear in their thick awkwardness and became indiscernible. Why “almost”? It either did or didn’t, and you state that it did. And then “became indiscernible”? This is not needed, it has already disappeared. The text could do with another set of edits and tightening. And looking forward to the next… Read more »

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