Hot Work

Of course it’s no longer summer but I’ll cling on to it for a little longer yet. 

Just a little lefty vitriol for my brothers and sisters. Peace comrades… 

It’s too hot in here, too hot to work.

But there’s no sympathy, if you shirk

Can’t take a minute for a  break,

For some water to partake.


Air con for bosses, keeps ‘em cool,

But no  relent for ordinary  fool.

It’s too expensive is what they say,

But there’s no cap on bosses pay.


We’ll walk out lads, we’ve got the gall.

There’s no way they’ll sack us all.

Stand up, fight for what’s right,

But there’s no longer appetite.


Union days have been and gone,

The fat cats robbed everyone.

© Verb 2022
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Peace comrade.

reminds me of how the fat cats are slouching on their yachts watching the sun sink, and streaming this live on instagram and twitter, pronouncing how hard it is to live with covid and lockdowns, but hey a bottle of chateau lafite does ease it a bit!


Your piece, I think, reflects the thinking of many people, Verb.

Et al. Seems like not just the so called fat cats. Friends of friends seem to be doing very well at the moment too! I wonder where it will all end. 🙁

for the time being citizens are not united and I wonder what will unite people – my guess is famine.

I agree with your opinion 100 percent.

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