Time. There isn’t enough.

Time is but a minor trifle
A period of life, just a sample
It slides away without a care
A dream of which I cannot share
Too short for some it’s fair to say
It’s gone before the break of day

© Verb 2022
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critique and comments welcome.
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do you mean too not to?

yep that’s time alright, nice one


Nice flowing poem. Just to say that without this “minor trifle” there would be nothing. A little quibble about the last 2 lines; are they referring to Time or the Dream, and are dream and time being used in a synonymous sense?


Love this poem, time denies all ties.


‘Aye, there’s the rub’ as Willie would say.
I find myself trying to catch my childhood and wrap it up neatly with my current age to try to encompass something that is slipping through my fingers like sand in a timer. Where did it all go? Can I really be facing the last stretch of the road?

but once navigated? onto greater adventures!
Alison x

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I love this, my type of poem, flowing, meaningful and a joy to read. ( just wanted to add another comment) 🙂

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