The Suffered

One-in-four still doesn’t make it at pre-object-consistency level
Establishing an understanding



though other people are lying nearby
you must lie quite still, you mustn’t speak
but you can think
yes! You can hear, but you can’t talk
some are hungrier than others
it’s like sleeping, you become nothing!
……one feels alone and sad, laying there
all covered over
no! lots of other people are lying around
for company
they’re not there!
they all go to Heaven after a few days
not their bodies?
the souls go up to Heaven
but the bodies stay in the ground
you never see them again
later in Heaven?
only in church sometimes

A small boy, aged four, asked his doctor
for reassurance
Mum and Dad don’t know I know
he said


© TheRecluse 2020
critique and comments welcome.
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is this about famine caused by a draught, war or both? chilling poem the images almost freaked me out.


Mysteriously Interesting reply… my conclusion is that I must keep my conclusion a mystery

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