Afraid of invidiosus oculus,
stubborn citizens of a roman city
exposed to Byzantine damp,
had been buying amulets
and wearing charm bracelets,
although the new Christian God
they reluctantly started to praise,
at least according to clergymen,
abhorred their pagan past.

Now, in the ruins of Anemurium,
perhaps their spirits snigger
each time solomon seal rings 
and invaluable golden crosses
are found by archaeologists,
who, like doubting Thomases,
would disbelieve they got luckier
– one way or the other –
by talismanic chance.


2003 – 2008

© ifyouplease 2022
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Fine piece of writing. The towns on that promontory were always susceptible to damp. And I’m 75% certain that the doubting Thomases would have been 97% luckier if they’d used metal detectors.

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