Once Upon A Time

at a favourite lake; scene shot yesterday; at high altitude, wedged deep
against a high rock fault, it offers innermost nostalgic recuperation for
the hardy distance walker










To be alone
I remember resting here, wondering
how could so many years have passed not
knowing, not feeling the impoverishment?
Here, in self-exile, the scene hardly changes
Swells ripple over rock, birch leaves fall, grass
turns from green to gold; the boulder’s been
half-submerged, since stone-age times
And you and me, far along curving platform
farthest possible from the slamming doors
trains departing too fast for eyes to focus
Illicit trysts! It would be way past teatime
before we dared take the Victoria express
 your mews flat in Chelsea; now linked, by
 arcane contiguity to shameless dancing
at Le Macabre, andTemperance Seven jazz! 
Soho was a hotspot for less innocent fun then
Funny how some thoughts flood in unbid. Perhaps
being from when you were most beautiful, and sinful
the lithe bohemian art teacher, yet undiscovered
that just those memories would be all I need
That, and this quality of enduring realness
merging ahead into impenetrable mist
soothing, alluding


Remembering back to 2005 when I first heard of the tragic death of someone,
shamefully, occurring seven years before. Visiting the spot I visited then.


© TheRecluse 2020
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Oh, bless! Do I know that feeling! I do love your phrasing in this. It makes me think that we all have a place where, were we there, we would be inundated with such memories and… May I say? Longings.


I cannot agree more, Trevor, about ‘special places’. One of mine I would never be able to find again – even if it still exists. Now I live in a foreign land far away from the possibility of visiting it, anyway. 🙁 Soho in the 50’s was also my stomping ground – though I hasten to add as a juvenile radio ham. Lisle Street was, in those days, the Aladdins Cave of electronics obsessed nerds like I and my college friend(s). (I remember, too, the fascination we secretly had, of spotting the swinging of keys!) I not so long ago… Read more »

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