Falling in Line

last poem from the trilogy Wholesomeness.

Let us practise
the biggest lie,
and crawl under
its timelessness,
marvel together
at the heat
it’s producing,
enough warmth
to endure living
in reality’s chill.


Athens, 2019

© ifyouplease 2022
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Not sure of the message here. What is the biggest lie? Lust or love? Maybe true love.
I like the idea of the heat from a relationship keeping you warm in the cold wind of reality.
True Love? unconditional love? . . . Yes . . . hell of a lie that is. (unless you are a dog)


This made me want to say:

“Well, whatever, I enjoy a good cuddle. My grandma showed me the value of that – and she displayed unconditional love, that’s for sure.”

I do, however, know the angst and pain that the experience of interpersonal loving can generate, but I personally am addicted to it. (Love, not the angst and pain!)


Maybe snow can make pity and guilt beautiful




I know. I am too much of a romanticist at heart, Nic. I dream of that ‘love that passeth all understanding’ in an earthly sense as well as the heavenly. Perhaps I’m too old to change. But, you know, my age has made me comfortable in my skin: Without those intervening years I wouldn’t be in love like I am.
Allen x

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For me, “the biggest lie” is life itself. Not just love or lust, but all of physical life on this inane planet.

Life is a scam.

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I don’t even understand the question.

Do you mean, are other people’s lives worth dying for?… Then, yes.

Do you mean, is one’s own life worth dying for, or in other words, is life so bad that suicide is justified?… Then, no. Not yet.

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