Family Ties

five years ago


Asiram was looking at the naked nearly perfect body of his wife and a question popped into his head.
“Why do you say ‘I fear’ if you only ‘function’?”
Salvation turned her back, “I… don’t… know.”
He then asked, “Why do you want another baby?”
“Because I am supposed to be a mother too, I have been programmed and maybe that’s what answers your other question, I fear.”
A jolt brought them closer. “It’s nothing,” he said, “we had been expecting a tremor today. Don’t worry.”
“We react like humans in most things, don’t we?”
“But we’re not.”
“How do you feel about it?” She asked, while she started to get dressed.
“I and you and all robots must be feeling weird for outsiders, just for not having feelings with the essence of existing through these feelings at all. I don’t think humans ever understood the spectrum of emotions for a non human, no matter how they desensitized their own societies. We don’t have such a thing engraved on our metallic brain because they don’t know. And…”
“And?” she asked while she was applying lipstick.
“And this can be hiding a big surprise for both humans and robots.”
He got up to get dressed too, but before doing that he asked her:
“Do you want us to have sex before going to work?”
“No, there are no sensations available for me today. Too tired I guess.”
“Okay, so about the baby.. you know it has to be from the Auction now. Don’t you? And we don’t have enough bitcoin to buy something expensive.”
“Yes, I know that, the baby will probably die before turning two, and we’d have to save a lot of bitcoin for the next one.”
“No, no, no, the next one will be a pony!” he said peevishly.
She was now tying his necktie on him.
“I would want you right now in a different way if we were not robots..” He whispered.
“Where do you get these ideas…” she said walking away from him, “Sometimes you …scare me.”
“There, you used the verb scare, just like fear. I am not sure it has anything to do with the program you’re in or is in you.”
“Will you buy the baby, yes or no?”
“Will that bring your sensations back?”
“Do it and you’ll see,” she said almost having closed the front door, still looking inside, her peaceful eyes, the last image he’d see of her for many hours. He wished he could say that he almost felt in love.


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I am reading Phillip K Dick – Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep – and this story reminds me of his writing.

There cannot be distinctions between humans and robots, especially those with embedded AI, as the faults of the programmers, despite the many protestations that they have ironed out all the errors, will still be hidden in the DNA of the AI.

It is the falling in love, and the last line is so beautiful, which allows us, and I include our creations in that, to fulfil our being, as that is what drives our creativity.


“No, there are no sensations available for me today.

It’s not just robots that say this, Nic. 🙂

I find it interesting, the way it is going. I have not read, Dick. Maybe I should. However if I did (especially Electric Sheep) I don’t think I could get the progression to Frank Herbert’s world/universe out of my head. I think I’d be making comparisons all the time and be trying to link the two, since they are roughly 10,000 years apart.

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