on a newly discovered lockdown walk,
existing solely as a fusion of souls, for a moment;
a humanist view. New poem



My top-of-the-world route
has panoramic views, half-blue, half-green,
360° of unobstructed nothingness.
Still drawing on knocks from infancy,
the body, safely engaging all undulation,
is inviting the mind to ruminate.
Denying it half a century of memories,
recalled ad nauseam,
I stop and circle, following the horizon.
For here, at midpoint of existence,
is the line that divides two levels of reality,
the one accepted, the other assumed.
Relieved of all mortal sentience,
closing my eyes, I aspire from being aware
to being with you in oblivion.



© TheRecluse 2020
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Such a beautiful closing line – “I turn from being aware into being with you in oblivion.” To me that is an heightened sense of awareness.

Elegantly written.

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