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experimental a great word to be used when the writer has no idea where he finds the courage to share it with the world…

Age rating: 18


The three spheres have nothing to do with this short story.
I am a girl who liked chewing three bubblegums who gave the middle finger to all kinds of people, teachers, policemen, mailmen, priests, nannies, even went to a protest to give the middle finger to arriving politicians and journalists.
This got me in trouble more than often, but I cannot change. I’d give the middle finger to you even, an innocent digital reader, should we ever meet. And do not think for a minute I act compulsively.

Shut up you creepy creature of digitized nature! Go to your husban,,,…

No, you shut up ruler of our petite universe! My husband is trying to find a publisher in your head and there is no-one, told him you have no publishers in your head, but he didn’t believe me.

Oh really, what is he going to do if he finds a publisher? Make you rich? Oh I needed a good laugh, go ahead with your three sphered middle finger, who knows maybe you’ll be funnier than him!

I wrote that to make you search for us, you bitch!

Well you found me okay, um pfffft……..

Don’t you want to know what the three spheres are all about?

Oh girl you’re so funny, you think I am not like the unfortunate readership I may have! It’s worse than the fortunate readership I will never have! The three spheres is something you made up because you’re a lunatic. A creepy one too! Bitch! Don’t you have an espresso machine in this compartment? You spend all the dream money on dildos?

Shut the fuck up! There were never any dildos in any compartment of yours! You said some pretty inaccurate things about my presence here, bitch!

And what are these??? hmm?


Well who am I to argue. Okay you obviously will continue till you make some sense, won’t you? The dildos are coffee machines and you are living in the sexual dream set just to hide from me, but as you can see I have no problem anymore, I can enter this place at will whenever I need … coffee.

Aren’t you going to use some quotation marks at some point? It’s not for me it’s for your unfortunate readers.

Now that you mention it perhaps I should… oh look your husband is back! Hi Philip how are you my dear fellow, would you like some coffee?

“Why is she holding the biggest dildo in the house Talekoni?”

Answer him, here have your own quotation marks.

“Baby, let’s get out of here, she is not well anymore. I hear there’s lots of action in the dream set next doors.”

No, I just need coffee, the strongest coffee in the world.

“Does she mean sex? A sexual dream?”

Can I take my coffee machine and go make some coffee elsewhere?

“This is scary Baby she is turning into us!”

“Well, about time! bring out the Three Spheres, my latest short story!”

Thank you.

“”For what?”” “”Let’s leave…””

I’ll read it tomorrow morning. Now you two, if you’ll excuse me, I have some coffee to make. Give me one of your bras, I need a cup or two!

“”It’s that last loan I took that drove her mad.”” “”She’s broke, what are you talking about? She doesn’t even have imaginary money!”” “”Well even better! Now I owe nothing!! Let’s have coffee!””

Can I watch?

to be continued, alas!


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