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   “I don’t think we can find him easily this time, let’s stay right here, Ted and Marjory will help us hide the child, at least temporarily. We’ll think what else we can do next.”
    Asiram tried to convince her again.
  “Yes, these two would surely help us, the rest probably not, but it is the priest that no matter how dangerous the situation he would hide the child, and us, he told me there is a secret underground room in his cave, with running fresh water for the child and for us that have to wash our eyes every day.”
   “Forget it! I will go to the woods only if the black drones are after us.”
     Asiram had been hiding the fact he had already seen black drones in their town because he knew how much she feared them. Twenty years ago it was black drones that incinerated most robots in the village she used to ‘function’ (a word she prefers to describe living in this form) and only her and two more did they leave unscathed.
   “We cannot stay here any longer, Salvation. I saw the gravedigger and the sheriff talking this morning. They know! What if we stayed somewhere near the woods, shorten the distance if we need to hide urgently? It would be something like camping, there are old cars we could easily make them work again with our technical mastery.”
   “There’s a mountain stream there, I know the place, I may be able to do that, yes..”
Salvation took the smiling five year old kid in her arms.
   “They will take him from us if they find out he survived and I will never allow such a thing to happen for as long as I function! Okay let’s go there! Now!”
   “Yes!” Asiram said, gave them a big hug, “And God help us!”
   “Why would this God of yours help us, creations of his children, children he never helped?”
   “I just said that in a manner of speaking, I don’t believe in any God, you know that I don’t believe in anything but I have faith in our family! That’s what made me feel as if I almost have a heart!”
   “Mommy, you should find the other robots too!” their child said smiling.
Salvation and Asiram looked at him then at each other and it was the first time they felt what it’d be like, had they been human, and had goosebumps.
    Tekton stopped the holograms from playing in front of them, after they left the house there were no more scenes and started walking backwards towards the fireplace.
   “So, it’s the priest again, he will be hiding them perhaps, he is too weird even for us so nobody knows… But he is protected by the UN, nobody can touch him. There are spots in the woods our drones cannot scan, or fly to. He did something over there and who knows what he is up to. There was only one person who could have convinced him to talk to other humans and that person is the now deceased Marisa.”
   “His ex wife.” Boris added.
   “What about his diary did you find it?”
   “Yes, what a weird robot this Asiram, he was hiding it in the first baby cot they bought for their only adopted baby.”
   “Let me have it.”
   “About the black drones.. ours are out of date. We should do something.”
   “If I am correct, there are no drones that can help us with these three. And no humans, we could easily find the biological parents if this was a case of an adopted child. It’s not. It’s an experiment and who knows how old the sperm and egg were to be sold so cheap. The cheapest baby of the Auction, probably expired genetic material, more than 100 years cryopreserved. Find me the other two robots that survived in that village Salvation was put. That would be all.”


to be continued.

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Is this a follow on from the one earlier of is it a kind of prequal? This seems an interesting read, but I found it difficult to follow, sorry.

It might be easier to read of you put spaces between each character’s dialog.

I’m quite curious to see how this ‘pre-robot revolution’ piece turns out. 😉


You don’t like spacing, fair enough. I go a bit cross-eyed when I see a big block of words on a page, especially a PC screen. Maybe I’m marginally dislexic (or just stoopid)


Yes, I picked out a book with a lot of dialog and of course it’s set out exactly in the way you wrote this piece.
It’s very strange to me why it looks perfect in print and yet is dazzles me on a screen.
I wonder what is wrong with me?
Probably if I copied it and printed it I would have no problems reading it … strange.

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