Life’s Incessant Valediction

inspired by actual, experienced and/or expected loss
of people and pets, but including oneself


In the final analysis,
knowing right from the start,
that Death is Life’s singular aim,

all Creativity,
no matter how long the detour,
becomes the product of lifelong mourning,
metamorphosing polyphasic relationships,
postmortem or prematurely,
into the reaction formation of comedy, or,
in pursuance of perfection, by
therapeutically negating feelings of loss,
crystallising their emotional significance
into things of best simulacrums;
functioning too,
as the prerequisite for spiritualism,
with the frail hope it will yield
a reunion of souls.



© TheRecluse 2020
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I suppose if I had given more thought I would have worked out the meaning of ‘simulacrums’ – a visit to my dictionary every once in a while does no harm however.

An intriguing read.



if imagination is ultimately limited by even an extremely polyphasic belief then one must choose which road to follow – never say never is the only fundamentally monophasic protection against anything limiting. just felt like saying it, thanks for the as usual thought-provoking write.


yes religion’s reason for existence is a big question mark for the afterlife. Death. I do not like religion (or spiritualism) as much as I did in the not that recent past, but I do keep them in the background, handy. The first because I had a big experience for many years having been religious and the second because I am interested in the spiritual opinions. we know nothing about death, but there are some things unexplainable, I for example have solid proof that something happens that life continues, I can actually touch this solid proof. It’s not a long… Read more »

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