Nothing but a Soppy Song



I. (to Fanis)

In the dentist chair
no new ideas were perching on my eyebrows,
only things to be recalled.

    ‘When I was nine
    a crimson wristwatch was given to me
    by my father
    who died one morning at nine o’clock,
    two months ago.’

There’s no anesthetic
for what goes on in a patient’s soul.

A cell phone rings,
its ringtone is Louis Armstrong’s
“It’s a wonderful world”

Which may never have been a favorite tune,
but a reminder,
perhaps for all,

a declaration of best intentions

and colossal expectations destined to echo

    – in my opinion –

as nothing but a soppy song.


II. two years later, ringtone changed

Nobody’s alone in thinking we’re alone,
that any route is solitary from birth to extinction.
We are here connecting paths,
remembering passages to glades.
Wanting to be loved again and again,
exclusively, with intense, in and out of rarity,
welcomed on the island without name, a maze
of blindfolded dilemmas, feeling weary
and strange in need of a holiday.


I have a better ringtone,
but it’s not for phones,
it’s as sad as snow falling
on a white dog lying
dead in the middle of a road,
as a tornado hitting your home.

I have a better ringtone,
but it’s not for people
that cannot stream it
throughout their lives
as they’re doing other things,
or making love.


Hush and turn 180 degrees.
A good bridge depends on

knowing both sides.
Make yours sturdier than

The Rock of Gibraltar

Αs if it’s made for Titans,
or someone followed by

a legion of relentless arguments.
Expect the specters of your minds

to unfold their powers, then

reach each other’s hearts and
send them to hell, where they belong.


       Athens, 2016 – 2019

© ifyouplease 2021
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Oh my. I feel as though I was granted entry into your mind and its workings as your thoughts meandered through this well set out and moving poem. It has a feeling of intimacy, confession as if disclosing something hidden for a long time. The contrast between the first ring tone and the intensity of inner reflection ‘There’s no anesthetic for what goes on in a patient’s soul.’ It maybe is a wonderful world but certainly not for everybody all of the time. 2nd stanza speaks of the whole gamut of existence and how exhausting it can be trying to… Read more »

Anonymous <span title="New Commenter" style="font-size : small; color: blue;">*</span><p>

To be honest, I don’t feel I can add much more to what has been said. But I’d like to tell you how much I enjoyed reading this, and how brilliant this is:

‘There’s no anesthetic
for what goes on in a patient’s soul.’

God! It says so much!



I’ve watched this poem grow and evolve over quite a while now. It’s stunningly effective. Again you reach for the the right images and comparisons throughout, as well as adding those surprising, unexpected 180% turns of yours here and there that cause a readers eyebrows or knickers to get into a twist! What the loss of a loved one will do to us. We change, don’t we? Face our own mortality and all the questions/demons that come with it. Have a feeling you haven’t finished with this yet! with intense, are you meaning with intensity here? Awesome pic, btw. Evocative… Read more »

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The ending was a surprise to me. Wasn’t expecting that admonition. Wanted to go wherever the poem went.

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