‘No Title Added’

the last baby

( 1st mini part The Auction )


“Bring me his diary.”

“We’ve searched his computer and there is no such thing.”

“No, I mean his handwritten diary.”

“His what? How did he learn how to write?”

Tekton pushed back his chair and stood up. “You are incompetent! Nobody is capable of such thinking without knowing how to write!! When we designed them we were certain there wouldn’t be such ‘innovations’ in their heads, especially this one and the other one, which he obviously found out later.”

“That means the factory has a lot of explaining to do..”

“Who was in charge of this product line?”


“She is dead!”

“He must be stopped, turn off all robots, the project is cancelled. And I mean ALL. Let’s find these three as soon as possible.” His mouth was now a tight line.

“Why can’t we turn him and his wife off? Why is the last baby they bought still alive?”

“Let’s start from there, which company has developed the artificial womb, who was in charge there…”


Tekton sat again in another chair and combed his oily black hair with his fingers.

“I am going for a walk. The air here is thick with your stupidity.”

He closed his eyes and his conscience disappeared in his favorite false memory, the toy store’s parking lot, him holding a lollipop wearing his brand new shoes, approaching happier than ever a man dressed as a clown selling balloons.

The others left the room as quietly as possible and only when they closed the door behind them did Fred say “Tell her No Title Added” for this one and wait for the next development to file and register the case.

“She is not going to do it… it’s taking too long, we had 72 hours. Now it’s Global Emergency already.”

“She will, if she wants to see the Bridge again.”


to be continued.



© ifyouplease 2022
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A good start – leave the readers wanting more!
Looks like the beginning of some interesting instalments.


Eagerly waiting. 🙂

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