The Auction

flash fiction 


April, 1st Sunday

I’m leaving it and it’s over for a few days, I have become a rather good radar observer. The guy that told me it’s still unsold called me today. I wanted to place a bid but I refrained from doing so. A rare pony it is.
Martha wants another baby, as expensive as the other one, but they live only for two years… I’d rather have a pony and keep the bitcoin for the new skin and hair we need, if we don’t want to age more.
Somebody told me there’s an old real human priest in the woods. A priest of what? I asked.
“Pre Robot People had a thing they called Religion, but it’s forbidden knowledge. Hide the data in your subconscious.”
It’s not allowed, but I am thinking of paying him a visit. Woods… give me the creeps. They started to trust us, turned off microphones, cameras, we live like them now. Hope it ends well… Crap! I will get her another baby this time, two more years won’t make a difference.



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Oh, God! Is that what we’re in for! Bit disturbing, isn’t it.
Whilst your piece made me shudder at the thought, I was consoled by realising that I won’t be around. Nevertheless, is this what we are creating for our descendants. Jeez!
An entertaining and thought provoking Flash.

A brilliant concept. I hope I get a chance to read your creation.


Curious piece is this
Interesting read but I can’t help relating it to to echoes of Bladerunner


Well I’m Dune man myself
FH got it right IMO in the preface and explanation to the body of the actual
He looked way beyond the robot age when man rebelled against AI and sectarian religions
GM super-humans is the way to go
DT himself already thinks he is one but he’s a flee compared to the SH’s that will be the norm


Yes Frank Herbert
Sh superhumans
Donald T
Forget the movies they are garbage
Read the fist book not the sequels they are garbage too
Forget the main book even
Get a paper copy read the ecology and the history behind the lead up to the story
Much more interesting really sparks the imagination and makes a lot of sense
I wouldn’t say FH was a genius but he put a lot of thought into the potential future

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